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What Hummingbird Means to Your Website Content

Back in August 2013, Google unleashed the most comprehensive change to its search algorithm to date. Google calls the update Hummingbird because it is said to be fast and precise, just like a real hummingbird. Now that websites have had some time to adjust to Hummingbird, it has become obvious that Google is changing the way websites are seen in …

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Google Evolution: How SEO Algorithms Keep up with the Times

As organisms strive to survive in this changing world, the constant forces that assail them from the environment make all living creatures adapt. Failure to do so will often lead to extinction. This concept can be applied to the internet as well, especially Google, a multinational company that has found itself at the top of the food chain in the …

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Twitter Google Deal: What Businesses Need to Know

If you’re a business owner, it’s important to understand the changes coming to Twitter, as well as how they can potentially impact your business. In February, a deal was reached between Google and Twitter to allow Google direct access to the Twitter firehose (the term used to refer to the constant stream of data generated every second by Twitter users). …

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12 Ways to Optimize an eCommerce Site for SEO

According to Dubai Chamber statistics based on PayPal data, the size of the UAE #ecommerce market is expected to reach US$5.1 billion by the end of 2015, and $10 billion by 2018. With such eye-popping growth figures, online shops cannot ignore the potential upside of having a well optimized website. ECommerce is a huge growth market with projected figures of …

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An Introduction to Google’s Disavow Tool

Released in October, 2013, Google’s Disavow Tool is designed to allow webmasters to tell Google to disregard certain links to their websites. However, many less experienced webmasters are put off by the fact that Google claims that the Disavow Tool is an advanced feature and that it should be used with caution. After all, just as the tool has the …

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10 Tips for Structuring Your Website’s URLs

Although the search engine crawlers are getting more sophisticated every year, it is still not quite true that they can make sense of any URL. Optimising your website’s URLs, particularly if you use a content management system which automatically assigns URLs to pages, remains important both for the search engines and for your visitors. The following tips will help you …

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Understanding Google’s Thin Content Penalty

  As the world’s largest search engine continues to crack down on spam, many marketers have seen a considerable drop in their profits in recent years, and a large number of affiliate marketers in particular have seen their profits go from five figures per month to nothing overnight. Google’s algorithms are constantly evolving to weed out content that provides nothing …

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6 Best Practices for Image Optimization Success

Image optimization is challenging because search engines have no ability to comprehend an image by itself. Instead, content creators must be relied on to input machine-readable metadata and descriptions to help search engines interpret image files in a way they can understand. Therefore, effective image optimization techniques are necessary for search engines to perceive your images as relevant to particular …

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