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3 Tips To Optimize Image ALT Text

The main focus of SEO is to provide a better user experience, ensuring image ALT text is in context with the page is part of the enhanced experience. In some instances, the alt text is automatically written but you have a chance to change the text. In addition, ALT text is about accessibility for the visually impaired, so you want …

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How HTTP Status Codes & Network or DNS Errors Impact Your Google Search Performance?

The newly published Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guide documents the HTTP status codes, network and DNS errors in detail that will impact your site’s performance in Google Search. In the document, Google covers the top 20 status codes that Googlebot encountered on the web, and the most prominent network and DNS errors.   Below are the main topics included in …

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Video Content SEO

5 Ways To Optimize Video Content

Video content has become an essential part of a brand’s online strategy.  The pandemic has accelerated video content usage.  Video SEO or V-SEO can have the potential of building quality links and increasing conversion if done correctly. Video’s need to offer viewers something they want to see and be of high quality, when used correctly, they can provide a huge …

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SEO Tips for YMYL Sites

On This Week’s episode of The DiGi Files, we speak to SEO Expert & CSO of Sandstorm Digital, Omar Kattan, about the importance of E-A-T for YMYL Sites where he provides useful SEO tips specific to YMYL sites.  This is a trending technical SEO topic after Google’s John Mueller emphasized E-A-T are of the utmost importance when it comes to …

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5 Tips to Accelerate Page Speed

Page speed is considered one of many essential factors for determining ranking on Google and the first impression a first-time customer has with interacting with your website.  Because speed is a critical factor, we will share some tips to optimize your website’s speed in this episode of the DiGi Files.   There are many reasons to optimizing your website page speed the …

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Leveraging Your PR and Partnership For SEO

Your site’s authority and organic ranking aren’t just measured by what you do on your site, it’s also how your site is viewed by others.  Link building, which is the links that point to your site have a significant effect on your overall digital performance.  You need to leverage your online Public Relations (PR) and partnerships to succeed in your …

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SEO IS LIKE A CHESS GAME: 5 common strategies & Tactics

A chess game, just like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), needs a well-thought-out strategy for it to be successful. SEO strategies are ever-changing because you need to use your insights to tweak a few things to respond to your audience’s needs. Adapting to the circumstances in the midst of the game is important for your success in both Chess and SEO. …

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Global SEO Strategy Tips

Global SEO Strategy: Tips for Your Multinational Brand

Most multinational brands have their own in-house digital marketing teams that develop a marketing strategy to cater for their global digital brand.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO), although the key to a successful strategy, is not always prioritized and sometimes ignored. An effective international SEO strategy is crucial for the success of your brand, it’s no longer optional, but a requirement.  …

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3 Fun Facts on Google “Hum to Search”

On October 15th 2020, Google Introduced ‘Hum to Search’ you can learn more details on Google’s blog here. We know a thing or two about digital marketing but have little vocal talents, so you can imagine the laughs we had testing the latest google feature, luckily Google doesn’t discriminate on unmusical users;)  Here are 3 fun facts: You can hum, …

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Google May 2020 Algo Update

Affected by Google’s May Core Algorithm Update? Read this.

On May 4th Google announced a core algo update code named May2020 (not original we know). In a nutshell … the algorithm was big and took about two weeks to completely roll out. According to Google “there’s nothing in a core update that targets specific pages or sites”. Instead, the changes are about improving how our systems assess content overall. …

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