Ranking Section Added To Google’s Search Status Dashboard

Google has launched a new search status dashboard, which will show you if there is an outage or issue with Google Search. Specifically, Google will confirm if there is an issue with crawling, indexing, serving, and most recently, ranking in Google Search.  The dashboard can be found here: status.search.google.com. The Google Search Status Dashboard provides status information on the systems that power Google Search. The dashboard shows issues that affect many sites or users, so if you see an annotation in the dashboard, it may be related to the change in your site’s performance.  A widespread issue means there’s a systemic problem with a Search system affecting a large number of sites or Search users.

Google Search Status Dashboard

In a recent tweet, Google said “We’re working on unifying the ranking updates page with http://status.search.google.com. Soon, the new “Ranking” section will show the active March 2023 core update, plus history up to 2020. We’ll update this tweet once we’re finished migrating.” followed a day later by “The migration is complete. We redirected the ranking updates page to the Search Status dashboard. Future updates will take place on this page only.” 

The dashboard is a tool created to assist webmasters and digital marketers verify if there is an outage or issue with Google Search.  It was created because while system disruptions are extremely rare, Google wants to be transparent when they do happen.

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