What Brands Most Want From A Digital Marketing Agency? 

In February,  our agency participated in the EMEA EXEC CIRCLE Briefing.  In this event, Alice Mansergh (Managing Director of Google Customer Solutions, UK & Ireland) and Forrester VP Principal Analyst, Jay Pattisall, delved into agency partnerships, testing and learning, and tools and tactics for change management. In general,  most agencies have been affected by the pandemic and inflation. In this …

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3 Ways To Win On YouTube This World Cup

The FIFA world cup 2022 is less than a month away and we have some guidance and insights from Google on how to optimize campaigns during the most ‘digital’ world cup.  According to Google, interest in the World Cup started as early as July 2022. Because curiosity around this year’s World Cup is high, being present on Search is important. …

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2022 Meta Ramadan Insights

Producing meaningful marketing during Ramadan creates lasting connections.  In the latest Insights and recommendation guide from Meta, they study how those who observe Ramadan uphold traditions and stay connected with the help of social media platforms—and how marketers can respectfully join the conversation. Due to behavioral shifts as a result of the pandemic, observers find new ways to connect online. …

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Title: 3 ays to Optimize Title Tag with female digital marketer face in Dubai

3 ways to Optimize Title Tags

This episode of the DigiFiles discusses 3 ways to Optimize your Title Tags to rank #1 on Search Engines.   What is a Title Tag?   Simply, they are HTML element in the code of your website that tell Google what your website is about.  The green highlights in the image below are examples of Title Tags.  Why are Title Tags Important? …

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Omar Katta, SEO Expert, discusses SEO Trends 2022

The DiGi files: SEO TRENDS 2022

Omar Kattan, CSO, Sandstorm Digital breaks down SEO Trends to watch out for in 2022 in order to get ahead of the curve.  Multitask United Model [MUM] We saw major algorithm changes  with the roll out of MUM, this is the way Google processes and understands content on a page and improving quality of search results using advanced artificial intelligence. …

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Content Recency Blog title with photo of SEO specialist

Is Content Recency a Google Ranking Factor?

Content recency refers to recently published, updated, or rewritten content.  New content is more appealing and will most likely boost your search engine result page ranking (SERP) but how important is it as a ranking factor? Content Recency is part of  Google’s ranking factor since 2011. In 2010  Google announced that the Caffeine update favors recently published or updated content, …

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Phase-out of Google’s Cookie Tracking and Its Impact on Advertisers

Google announced it will end third-party cookies which will potentially affect digital advertising. The Google Marketing Livestream 2021, provided information on what will come next and how advertisers can stay abreast with the shift. The phase-out aims to protect the online privacy of Google users. Apple’s Safar and Mozilla’s Firefox already block third-party cookies by default, but since Chrome accounts …

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The Official Guide: Marketing On TikTok

TikTok introduced “TikTok For Business” in mid-2020 that serves as the home for all its current and future marketing solutions for brands. In recent days, it made available an official guide to Marketing on TikTok that provides tools, strategies, and inspiration to help small businesses thrive on their platform.   Tiktok users traditionally have been generation Z, however, the age group …

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Google Marketing LiveStream 2021: Building For The Future Of Marketing

At the Google Marketing Livestream, Google announced 2021 features & rollouts to advertisers.   VP/GM, Ads, Google, Jerry Dischler, notes that last year, Google revamped their 2020 product roadmap such as the insights page launched early this year, as well as curbside pickups for local inventory ads and bookings for local services ads due to the digital transformation as a …

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