5 Top Benefits of a Website for your Company

Most businesses create a website without being aware of the benefits of having one.  Ali, Chief Creative Officer at Sandstorm Digital goes into depth about the importance and benefits of having a website in our latest DiGi Files episode. 1) Effective Marketing Tool  Just by having an up and running online presence, you have directed targeted traffic to your site …

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Key Considerations for B2B E-commerce Platforms – How to Find the Right Solution

Businesses in the B2C space are spoiled for choice when looking for an easy, off-the-shelf e-commerce package to power their online presence. However, those working in B2B face a more difficult task in setting up a functioning website for an affordable price. Why is the situation so different? Apart from simple market forces – the B2C arena has far more …

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8 Steps To Your First DIY iPhone App

At Sandstorm Digital, we love building apps for our clients. Given the explosion in app development, and especially in Dubai which accounts for 60% of mobile application development in Middle East, it is one of our core product offerings. There are many reasons to create an iPhone app: perhaps you want to promote your business, spark the next iPhone gaming craze, or …

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