4 SEO Link Best Practices According To Google

Google’s algorithm for ranking websites is constantly evolving, and as such, so too must our approach to search engine optimization (SEO). Google recently released a set of guidelines for link building and best practices that SEO experts should keep in mind when creating and managing links to their sites. In 2022, Google said external links will be less important as …

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New Study Reveals Shopping Trends in UAE

Published ‘as is’ from a Press Release. October 18th, 2020 Google released a new study conducted by Ipsos that highlights key shopping habits of consumers in the UAE and Saudi Arabia ahead of this year’s Black Friday shopping season, from October to December. According to Google’s internal data, consumers in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt are amongst the most …

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Recap of Google’s Search On 2022 

Some very exciting new search features were introduced at Google’s Search On 2022.  The event included a range of Google Search experts discussing the latest features and tools that make search more natural and intuitive to find what you’re looking for. Google’s mission is to “Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” It’s transforming search from …

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Google Marketing LiveStream 2021: Building For The Future Of Marketing

At the Google Marketing Livestream, Google announced 2021 features & rollouts to advertisers.   VP/GM, Ads, Google, Jerry Dischler, notes that last year, Google revamped their 2020 product roadmap such as the insights page launched early this year, as well as curbside pickups for local inventory ads and bookings for local services ads due to the digital transformation as a …

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