Unlock The Power Of PPC: 10 Ways To Promote A New FMCG Product In The UAE

With a population of over 10 million people, the UAE offers a lucrative market for FMCG companies looking to expand their reach. To successfully promote a new FMCG product in the UAE, brands need to adopt effective marketing strategies.

Unlock the Power of PPC with these 10 essential ways to promote a new FMCG product in the UAE.

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New Study Reveals Shopping Trends in UAE

Published ‘as is’ from a Press Release. October 18th, 2020 Google released a new study conducted by Ipsos that highlights key shopping habits of consumers in the UAE and Saudi Arabia ahead of this year’s Black Friday shopping season, from October to December. According to Google’s internal data, consumers in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt are amongst the most …

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