marketing personalization

Exploring the Importance of Personalization in Marketing

Personalizing your marketing strategies means reducing spam, waving goodbye to banner ads and recreating an image that attracts your target audience. In a market that is saturated with ads, prospective customers are put off by countless ads and eventually ignore them all. As such, online marketing needs to look at new ways of connecting their customers to the brand. Finding …

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Think Like Google for More Website Business

Whether you want to use PPC, Pay-Per-Click marketing for your website, you should take a look at how Google scores ads to move them up in results and even charge less per click for a higher position. Google wants ad revenue, and they’re charging you for that click. Ads that get more clicks are rewarded with higher ad scores, but …

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Tips to Promote Your Videos With YouTube Ads

Uploading videos to YouTube is one of the most effective content marketing strategies you can use right now. People are watching more videos all the time, and YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing site. However, video marketing is also very competitive. According to the latest data, over 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube daily. This makes it …

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Google Maps Q&A Feature: 7 Things You Need to Know

A few months ago, Google added a new question and answer feature to all Google Maps business listings. The Q&A feature provides a new way for customers to make inquiries about a business. It’s also a new medium through which businesses can promote themselves. To make the most of the promotional opportunities afforded by Google Maps Q&A feature, here are …

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Social Media Advertising

7 Tips for Developing Effective Social Media Ad Campaigns

For online marketers, developing a social media strategy is of prime importance. Gaining attention across the various social platforms has become increasingly difficult, though, with more businesses competing to develop an audience. While it was once relatively easy to build a social account and grow viewing figures organically, there is now more requirement to pay for ads. A poor ad …

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6 Tips For Optimized ROI-Focused Native Ad Campaigns

The best businesses need a strong marketing campaign, and simply running some native ads isn’t enough in the quickly expanding digital marketplace. While marketing strategies have evolved significantly over the past decade, native advertisements have continued to grow in influence to account for a significant portion of impressions throughout the web. Their popularity comes from often reporting a higher ROI …

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YouTube’s New Advertising Policy: What it Means for Brands & Content Creators

YouTube has grown up a lot since the video hosting platform was first launched in 2005. Its high-quality streaming and intuitive interface helped it grow much faster than rivals such as DailyMotion and Vimeo. With Google’s purchase of the site in 2006, YouTube firmly established itself as the dominant force in online video. A whole world-spanning culture has sprung up …

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Digital Advertising: Are you Making the Most Out of Your Budget?

Digital advertising is an exciting field because of the technology and innovation behind it. Yet in spite of the possibilities it offers, it’s become formulaic: it’s a cycle of segmentation, blasting, and performance attribution. You then tweak the reach and frequency of campaigns, rinse, and repeat. At first blush, this segment-blast-measure approach works fine. After all, it’s an effective methodology …

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Stop Stalking Customers with Remarketing Campaigns and Start Targeting

One of the most common concerns that people have about remarketing campaigns is hassling customers by following them around the internet. It is an understandable concern, as it usually comes from personal experience. While consumers are becoming more familiar with remarketing ads, they are still often uneasy when they are bombarded with ads minutes after leaving a website. However, remarketing …

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