Google’s Generative AI & It’s Impact On Search

We see a major shift in search engine results pages (SERPs), with generative AI being used by both Google and Microsoft to offer searchers a new way to find the information they need. Google’s Gemini (formerly Bard), is a next-generation AI model that is not only trained on text but has been designed from the ground up to be truly …

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Is SEO Still Relevant? Title with Photo of Omar Kattan

Is SEO Still Relevant?

Claims have been circulating after a recent update to Google’s recent ranking system documentation and a short video about website redirects from Google Search Central that the significance of technical SEO is dwindling.  A recent statement from John Mueller affirmed that technical SEO is not going away and in fact a critical component to your online success. After Google updated …

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Step-by-Step Guide: SEO Keyword Research 

Any brand wanting to share a topic relevant to their product/service through digital content needs the right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools, otherwise, they’d be unable to reach a larger audience.  While generating high-quality content is essential for creating content for a digital platform, optimizing it with SEO keywords will help you expand your visibility. So, how do you do …

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How HTTP Status Codes & Network or DNS Errors Impact Your Google Search Performance?

The newly published Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guide documents the HTTP status codes, network and DNS errors in detail that will impact your site’s performance in Google Search. In the document, Google covers the top 20 status codes that Googlebot encountered on the web, and the most prominent network and DNS errors.   Below are the main topics included in …

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SEO Tips for YMYL Sites

On This Week’s episode of The DiGi Files, we speak to SEO Expert & CSO of Sandstorm Digital, Omar Kattan, about the importance of E-A-T for YMYL Sites where he provides useful SEO tips specific to YMYL sites.  This is a trending technical SEO topic after Google’s John Mueller emphasized E-A-T are of the utmost importance when it comes to …

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