Google’s ‘AI Overviews’ Explained

At this week’s Google I/O, it was announced that Google has launched its AI overview to its US market search results.  The documentation of Google AI overview explains how it works. AI Overviews is a feature designed to enhance the search experience by providing quick, comprehensive snapshots of information. Check out our quick guide on this topic: 

What Are AI Overviews?

AI Overviews are dynamic summaries that appear in Google Search results when Google’s systems identify that generative responses can be particularly beneficial. These overviews aim to provide users with a swift understanding of information from various sources, including the vast resources available on the web and Google’s Knowledge Graph.

When you perform a search query, AI Overviews might appear if the system determines that a generative snapshot would be helpful. This feature is particularly useful for complex queries where a consolidated view from multiple sources can save time and effort, enabling users to grasp the essence of the topic quickly.

How Do Links Appear in AI Overviews?

One of the key aspects of AI Overviews is how they handle links. The links included in these overviews serve to support the information presented in the snapshot and encourage further exploration of the topic. This means users can delve deeper into the subject matter, accessing a diverse range of content from publishers, creators, retailers, businesses, and more.

Google’s algorithms automatically decide which links are displayed in AI Overviews. For content creators, there’s no special action required to be considered for inclusion beyond adhering to Google’s general guidelines for search appearance, as outlined in Google Search Essentials. This ensures that the process is fair and based on the relevance and quality of the content.

What Does This Mean For Your Business? 

AI overviews is being promoted as a way to enhance search quality. However, this shift could significantly impact businesses and publishers that depend on Google Search traffic. AI-generated overviews are now occupying a considerable amount of screen space, potentially overshadowing traditional “blue link” web results and reducing clickthrough rates.

In Summary

Google’s AI Overviews are an innovative step towards making information more accessible and comprehensible for users worldwide. By leveraging advanced AI to create informative snapshots, Google enhances the search experience, making it easier for users to find and understand the information they need quickly. For content creators, this means an opportunity to reach a wider audience and contribute to a more informed digital community, however, we won’t know the true impact on your SEO efforts until we are able to test it further and learn more about Google’s criteria to be included in overviews. 

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