Phase-out of Google’s Cookie Tracking and Its Impact on Advertisers

Google announced it will end third-party cookies which will potentially affect digital advertising. The Google Marketing Livestream 2021, provided information on what will come next and how advertisers can stay abreast with the shift. The phase-out aims to protect the online privacy of Google users. Apple’s Safar and Mozilla’s Firefox already block third-party cookies by default, but since Chrome accounts …

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10 User-Data Stats to Elevate your Marketing Strategy This Ramadan

Ramadan is celebrated by so many people around the world, with the shift of new consumer behavior during the fasting month we, as marketers, require more insights to help guide our campaigns.  We have rounded up some fun facts to be mindful of when planning your next Ramadan campaign. Understanding your customers using data-driven insights can accelerate your marketing results.  …

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Facebook Analytics Phase-Out

Facebook silently announced that Facebook Analytics will no longer be available after June 30th, 2021.  Facebook provided ample time for marketers to export their data and options for alternative tools to track activity and understand how users interact with your brand.   Marketers using this tool for Facebook stats will need to shift to use other tools such as Facebook …

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Call Tracking For Digital Marketing Campaigns

We are all familiar with tracking various metrics related to digital marketing campaigns. However, if call tracking is not integrated into your campaign’s metrics, you are missing a critical insight into the performance of your campaigns. In the latest DiGi Files episode, Tewfic, Head of Paid Media, explains call tracking and how it can help maximize the return on investment …

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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid on Google Ads

Google Ads is a powerful platform for advertising your business, Mila, Paid Media Manager for Sandstorm Digital taps into the platform and discusses 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid on Google Ads. A well-managed Google Ads account can drive tons of valuable traffic to your website. If not handled properly though, it will not have optimum success. Mila offers some tips …

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Client Reporting With Google Data Studio

Sam Blaison, Digital Account Manager at Sandstorm Digital ® Worldwide talks to The DiGi Files about unlocking the power of your data with interactive dashboards and engaging reports by using the Google Data Studio (GDS) tool for client reporting. As a result-driven agency, we care about providing our clients with effective reporting to help track their progress and achieve their goals …

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Augmented Analytics_ Future of Ecommerce

Augmented Analytics: Future of Ecommerce

There is huge excitement around big data, and most organizations have either deployed or are thinking of deploying Hadoop services to grow and manage it. Data lakes are growing exponentially, and it is now emerging that storing data is much easier than deriving meaningful insights from it. Experts believe that over 90% of business data is unusable in decision making. …

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Google Analytics Discussion

Using Google Analytics To Double Your Website Traffic

Google Analytics has become the go-to tool for many SEO strategists and web developers because it has consistently outdone itself as a solid traffic and analytics tool — and it’s only getting better. Analytics are essential to any business and understanding how visitors are engaging with your website and what content resonates the most can be paramount to spending your …

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