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5 Overlooked Problems with A/B Testing–and How to Solve Them

A/B testing, sometimes called “two sample hypothesis testing,” is an essential tool for virtually all online businesses. Properly applied, an A/B testing regime allows businesses to optimize their marketing strategies by independently testing two alternatives (i.e., strategy A versus strategy B) against one another and checking to see which is more effective. The idea seems simple, but A/B testing can …

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5 Predictive Analytics Startups We Will Be Testing

Data analysis for lead generation. Mining data to better understand consumer purchasing patterns. Filtering retail data to power marketing and sales strategies. The uses for data analytics are many. When you combine predictive technology with data analysis, you have a powerful platform indeed. It is no wonder the predictive analytics startup sector is booming. From developer APIs and enterprise data …

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How We Track Content Marketing Performance

Most businesses already understand the importance of content marketing as a way to raise brand awareness, enhance search engine visibility, establish authority and increase lead generation. However, many marketers have little to show for their efforts, and this is often due to not paying enough attention to the statistical data gathered from their digital marketing efforts. If you feel that …

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5 Social Media Content KPIs Your Business Should Measure Today

Key performance indicators, return on investment, metrics, and analytics…, everyone who is anyone on social media can’t stop talking about these. Any business owner who has a social media presence wants to know if messages are being seen and read. More importantly, they want to know if social media marketing is contributing to the business in a positive way. The …

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