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Client Reporting With Google Data Studio

Sam Blaison, Digital Account Manager at Sandstorm Digital ® Worldwide talks to The DiGi Files about unlocking the power of your data with interactive dashboards and engaging reports by using the Google Data Studio (GDS) tool for client reporting. As a result-driven agency, we care about providing our clients with effective reporting to help track their progress and achieve their goals faster. We found this reporting tool to be just that. 

→ Free & User-friendly  Reporting tool:

The Data Studio is a free Google reporting tool that has a lot of value to offer. It provides an easy-to-use data visualization.

→ Data blending:

We love GDS because it Joins information from multiple sources to get a more unified view of your data. We personally pull our data by using a connector, our personal favorite is Supermetrics, however, there are many in the market that are just as reliable.  

→ Live Dashboards

Data Studio reports are live. this is a fantastic feature because it serves as real-time data of your Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). As your data is reported in real-time, you are able to have strategic conversations on performance and thus monitor and adjust campaigns quicker. 

As a final note, our clients love this interactive reporting style that showcases the results more attractively, it also provides significant value that helps look at the bigger picture in a more pleasant visual and easy-to-digest way.

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