10 User-Data Stats to Elevate your Marketing Strategy This Ramadan

Ramadan is celebrated by so many people around the world, with the shift of new consumer behavior during the fasting month we, as marketers, require more insights to help guide our campaigns.  We have rounded up some fun facts to be mindful of when planning your next Ramadan campaign. Understanding your customers using data-driven insights can accelerate your marketing results. 

  1. 1.6 Billion Muslims celebrate Ramadan according to Statista. Your Ramadan campaigns can have a far reach if you play your cards correctly.
  2. Accordingly to the latest stats, over 40 % of people in the UAE increase spending during Ramadan. Also 20% ad spend Increase during Ramadan for Consumer-focused businesses.  With the big-spending during this season, you need to tap into service/product promotions and offerings.
  3. As per a recent Google trend analysis, 7 persona’s are identified during Ramadan; The Foodie, The Spiritual Faster, the entertainment lover, the Ramadan shopper, The seeker of mental refuge, The escapist, the progress seeker. Check out the link for more details on each persona and know them well in order to tailor your campaigns for more effective results.   
  4. Online shopping on the increase with 51% spent more time shopping online over Ramadan 2020 due to the pandemic.  We know that people are spending more time online and have more trust in the process, this is more reason to take your campaigns online this Ramadan.
  5. Research from YouGov shows that 53% of people spend more in Ramadan, 40% search for offers, and 49% of consumers prefer discounts during Ramadan.
  6. According to Adcolony, media consumption also increases during this month, with networks airing special Ramadan series. YouTube also reports increased viewership during this month. 62% of respondents say they will spend more time on smartphones during Ramadan.
  7. A 2020 Facebook study revealed that 91% of Ramadan observers/shoppers have engaged in charitable activity over Ramadan, a month filled with generosity and charity. If you are a not-for-profit, this is your time to shine. Also good to change your messaging and themes for this period.
  8. App downloads surge 36.5% during Ramadan As behaviors shift for Ramadan, and people look for entertainment, convenience, and lifestyle solutions, app downloads surges.
  9. One week before Ramadan, grocery shopping and delivery searches are the highest of the year in MENA. Research also shows a 164% spike during this season for small kitchen appliance reviews on YouTube. Food as expected, also takes a spike, with ‘Ramadan recipes’ being a top search query. 

Ramadan is a great opportunity for brands to build long-lasting audience connections and drive growth. Remember to plan ahead and a Ramadan Mubarak to those celebrating.

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