2022 Meta Ramadan Insights

Producing meaningful marketing during Ramadan creates lasting connections.  In the latest Insights and recommendation guide from Meta, they study how those who observe Ramadan uphold traditions and stay connected with the help of social media platforms—and how marketers can respectfully join the conversation.

Due to behavioral shifts as a result of the pandemic, observers find new ways to connect online. To better understand how to create meaningful connections during this time, Meta commissioned YouGov to survey 18,113 adults between May 13 and June 3, 2021, after Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr.  The study revealed that while many of Ramadan’s moments happen in person, values and traditions are equally expressed online. Discover how brands can help observers during this busy month by providing useful advice, timely deals, and places to connect online.  

Ramadan is a period of introspection and celebration for nearly 2 billion people. Explore the behaviors of observers and shoppers, from their shifting brand and content preferences to how they give back to their communities.  

  1. Shifting mindsets throughout the Ramadan season

Ramadan is more than a moment, it’s a transformative season lasting eight weeks, from the lead up to the Ramadan month through to Eid al-Fitr, in which mindsets shift throughout. It’s a period of reflection, prayer, giving back to the community as well as a time of celebration, gift-giving, and connecting with loved ones.

64 percent in the Emirates said that they became more interested in a brand or its products after learning about its business practices during Ramadan. 89% of Ramadan shoppers or observers want to see content from brands on Facebook and Instagram that aligns with their views and values.

  1. The importance of giving back

Giving back is a central tenet of Ramadan, and for many, this is a time to help the less fortunate and strengthen community bonds. During the season, observers often seek to help local and small businesses and are open to trying new brands that align with their values.

A majority of consumers in the UAE (71 percent)  said that brands should find ways to give something back to consumers and communities during the Ramadan season.

  1. Media behaviors and content preferences

The media and platform behaviors of audiences often change during Ramadan as people reflect, rejuvenate and celebrate. They also look to brands to create content that makes them feel seen and represented and that comes across as empowering and authentic.

Consumers in the UAE preferred content that is “real and authentic” (34 percent) or offers updates on the latest offers and discounts (33 percent). 

And about 64 percent of shoppers in the UAE said they get excited about trying new brands and products from abroad, and 55 percent were more likely to purchase from other countries during Ramadan and Eid if adverts highlighted these key occasions.

  1. The planning window

Buying gifts for loved ones is a joyful part of Ramadan for many. The window for gift shopping often begins long before the month itself—though there are also last-minute rushes and indulgences.  Observers plan weeks in advance, so it’s suggested to start your campaigns early on. 

  1. Opportunities for discovery

Ramadan is often a time for shopping, whether it’s to prepare the home, ready special meals, or find Eid al-Fitr gifts for loved ones. With the adjustment of routines around eating, sleeping, exercising, etc., also comes an adjustment in shopping patterns and an openness to discovering new brands.

During Ramadan and in the period leading up to it, people tend to be more open to the spontaneous discovery of new products and brands. This serendipity occurs both offline and online, with social media often playing a key role.

70% of shoppers or observers made Ramadan discoveries on Meta technologies while browsing online during Ramadan 2021.  9 out of 10 cross-border shoppers made spontaneous discoveries while browsing online during Ramadan 2021.

Inspire and connect with your audience in an authentic way, highlighting your values in order to create meaningful marketing this Ramadan.  Ramadan Kareem. 

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