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6 Facebook 2021 Ramadan Insights & Recommendations

Producing meaningful marketing during Ramadan creates lasting connections.  In the latest Insights and recommendation guide from Facebook, they study how those who observe Ramadan uphold traditions and stay connected with the help of mobile and Facebook platforms—and how marketers can respectfully join the conversation.

Due to behavioral shifts as a result of the pandemic, observers find new ways to connect online. To better understand how to create meaningful connections during this time, Facebook conducted research that revealed that while many of Ramadan’s moments happen in person, values and traditions are equally expressed online. Discover how brands can help observers during this busy month and uncertain times by providing useful advice, timely deals, and places to connect online.

#1 A Demand for Safety Drives Mobile Shopping

Observers are exploring online shopping as a safer alternative during the pandemic. A striking 42% spent less time shopping in stores during Ramadan / Eid because of COVID-19. The demand for online shopping is greater than ever before. 


  • Ensure a seamless shopping experience with Facebook Pixel
  • Connect and Inspire shoppers who have previously engaged with your product to purchase through dynamic ads. 
  • If you have a physical location you are able to promote contactless collection within ads.  
  • Discover new demand by Grouping multiple countries/regions, using dynamic language optimization to elevate your message, 

#2 Creators Offer A New Source of Credibility 

Almost half of those surveyed showed trust in creators for impartial advice and inspiration, putting importance on public figures for self-improvement content as well as deals, especially when it comes to discovering and purchasing new products and services. Among the majority of Ramadan observers, 80% said they follow public figures on Facebook platforms. 


  • Share your brand story from through creator’s viewpoint for increased authenticity. 
  • Look into using creators content in your ad strategy through branded content and discover new partnerships. 

#3 Social Conscience Drives Support of Local Communities

The central theme of giving back is extended to businesses as well. Observers expect brands to also contribute to communities.  It’s essential to express your brand values, speak authentically and stand up for causes you care about. 91% of observers have engaged in charitable activity during Ramadan.   


  • Connect and support communities that align with your brand. 
  • Facebook and Instagram have a fundraising and donation feature that can be used to encourage people to give directly in their community.

#4 Unity Through Technology; Mobile Empowers Family Connections

Mobile phones are more important this Ramadan for deeper connections and staying up to date with family and friends. Mobile is also used to shop and stay entertained driving additional time spent on the small screen. 48% said they spend more time using their mobiles during the season.  8 in 10 said they use mobile while watching TV. 


#5 Continuous Shopping Results in a Surprising Second Shopping Peak

Ramadan shopping also happens during the seasons, not only before the season.  You need to tap into this opportunity and resume ad spending during Ramadan.  The period just before Eid has become the single biggest 10-day shopping period. Shoppers mainly focus on Food and beverage products but there is still an uptake on apparel/fashion, health, and beauty. 39% start planning their shopping about a month before celebrations start, the two shopping peaks are just before Ramadan starts and just before Eid commences. 


  • It is crucial to prepare and plan in advance to succeed in your advertising efforts. You are able to find the right audience and the best price through automation and machine learning. 
  • Look into creating real feel digital shoppertainment through AR ads.

#6 Price Sensitivity Elevates An Anticipation for Mega Sales

With the pandemic came economic hardship and thus shoppers are increasingly price-sensitive and are looking more into deals. 45% of respondents said it’s increasingly difficult to afford products. 3 in 4 say they are looking to discover more bargains during Ramadan. 


  • Provide deals and ads for bargain hunters through stories
  • Partner ups with retailers to share segments of their catalogs through Collaborative ads.

Inspire and connect with your audience in an authentic way, highlighting your values in order to create meaningful marketing this Ramadan.

Maha Atef
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Maha Atef is a Social Media Marketing Specialist working across Sandstorm's organic and paid social media clients in the MENA region.
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