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Is Content Recency a Google Ranking Factor?

Content recency refers to recently published, updated, or rewritten content.  New content is more appealing and will most likely boost your search engine result page ranking (SERP) but how important is it as a ranking factor? Content Recency is part of  Google’s ranking factor since 2011. In 2010  Google announced that the Caffeine update favors recently published or updated content, …

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Should Your Brand Engage More in Ephemeral Content?

Before we start, let’s address the elephant in the room.   What is ephemeral? It is defined as ‘lasting for a short time’, basically,  a fancy buzz word for temporary. Ephemeral content is regaining popularity with social media platforms and is trending once more with the introduction of Fleet on Twitter and Clubhouse (a new audio platform)  We know that …

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six Surefire Valentine's Day Marketing Strategies to Consider (4)

6 Essential Valentine’s Day Marketing Strategies to Consider

Valentine’s Day is a billion dollar holiday. Businesses everywhere in the world always make an effort to do something special during Valentine’s. Most people look forward to buying something special for their partner or loved ones. As opposed to common belief, it’s not a holiday reserved for florists and jewelers. It’s a holiday that any business can take advantage of. …

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Top 5 SEO Trends to Drive Tremendous Organic Traffic in 2020

Top 5 SEO Trends to Drive Tremendous Organic Traffic in 2021

Google performs around 3,200 changes to its search algorithms per year. These are complex mathematical equations, which rely on different variables. Search engine optimization (SEO) doesn’t only involve using keywords to attract high levels of traffic, it also results in changes to your site’s layout and content. Since the criteria for ranking higher aren’t transparent and modify frequently, you must …

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Sandstorm Signs Global Forex Client

We’re excited to announce the signing of an amazing new award-winning client and leader in the Forex Trading field; ThinkForex. The mandate of the engagement is to provide digital support for the local operation located out of the Dubai office which was set-up just over a year ago after the acquisition of Admiral Markets. ThinkForex signed Sandstorm earlier this month due …

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man writing roundup article

How to Build Authority and Backlinks with a Roundup Article

Every business owner is trying to gain some visibility for their product or service, but it is easy to go unnoticed in the online world. With everyone scrambling for attention, getting endorsed by an authority figure can bring many benefits. From a traffic and SEO perspective, getting backlinks from respected industry websites can lead to a better search engine position …

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