Top 5 SEO Trends to Drive Tremendous Organic Traffic in 2020

Top 5 SEO Trends to Drive Tremendous Organic Traffic in 2021

Google performs around 3,200 changes to its search algorithms per year. These are complex mathematical equations, which rely on different variables. Search engine optimization (SEO) doesn’t only involve using keywords to attract high levels of traffic, it also results in changes to your site’s layout and content.

Since the criteria for ranking higher aren’t transparent and modify frequently, you must test more and try to reverse engineer the algorithms with technology. Although it’s harder to rank high in search results, you can leverage technological advancements. So, here’s a list of the top 5 SEO strategies to implement in 2021. 

Voice and Mobile Search 

Although the dimensions of voice search are unknown, mobile search is strong. In 2015, Google studied the level of mobile searches across 10 countries, including Japan and the US. The data showed that more people were using mobile search compared to desktop search. According to SimilarWeb, a market intelligence agency, in 2018, over half the traffic in the US came from mobile search. In turn, Google implemented the Mobile-First Index. This means the search engine uses your site’s mobile version for ranking and indexing. 

Considering mobile users mostly use voice search to find solutions while on the go, voice search is becoming stronger and more popular. Mobile and voice users are looking for answers during a task. You must aim for the top result, meaning the featured snippet, rather than the top 5 positions. 

Structured Data Is a Priority

2019 has been the year for structured data. Google updated its guidelines and amplified its focus on structured data such as FAQPage and fact-checking. This way, publishers receive increased exposure. You can use different plugins, tools, and solutions to implement structured markups such as Schema, Schema Markup Generator by Merkle, or Schema App. They help Google understand your website’s content.  

Intent Optimization and Semantic Search 

Google checks query context and examines the probable search intent to provide results. You can observe this in the SERPs and in Google’s Suggest results. The search engine understands a user’s intent, so focusing on a keyword or string of keywords during content creation is obsolete. You must create content, which resolves problems. 

Use the search tool to discover how Google interprets a query. A semantic research tool, such as Text Optimizer will help you cluster a search query into entities and connected concepts. It leverages Google’s search snippets to expand your copy and deliver more solutions, which meet users’ needs. 

Dominate with SERP Marketing and Content Diversity

Google is quickly becoming a destination, not a discovery tool. It’s building the ultimate resource, which can provide compelling answers to all queries. You must optimize for all search elements including images, featured snippets, “People Also Ask” results and knowledge graphs. Identify all significant content formats needed to dominate target queries. Use online tools to help you find the areas where you’re missing out and optimize your current opportunities. 

Content diversity involves opportunities and challenges. You must create top-quality content in different formats and leverage a variety of mediums. Use content collaboration to add more value to your marketing campaigns such as authority, trust, backlinks, and shares. An editorial calendar will help you strategically organize your content marketing campaigns. ContentCal is a streamlined marketing collaboration tool, which helps you organize your strategy across multiple channels. 

Influencers Are Your Aces

Users feel suffocated by intrusive ads and search for trustworthy information and real reviews. Influencer marketing is at the center-point of your SEO strategy. People will likely engage with a respected influencer compared to an ad. Media companies and digital marketers are investing in significant budgets in influencer marketing because of the impressive results they deliver. Linqua reports that more around 40% of digital marketers increased their budgets for influencer marketing in 2018. Collaborating with an influencer can expand your content’s reach and deliver increased traffic to your site. Influencers can help build backlinks, which are important factors used by Google when analyzing a page’s ranking. Only collaborate with influencers who are relevant to your niche and your target audience. 


Irrespective of your experience with SEO, there’s always more to be done. Google constantly changes its algorithms and technology advancements are flowing in. To remain relevant and rank higher, you must create content for users. Google processes data and determines ranking depending on the search users’ behavior. It’s getting more accurate. Every year new trends appear and change the way information gets published online. Double down on the top 2021 SEO techniques and generate more organic traffic from Google. 

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