six Surefire Valentine's Day Marketing Strategies to Consider (4)

6 Essential Valentine’s Day Marketing Strategies to Consider

Valentine’s Day is a billion dollar holiday. Businesses everywhere in the world always make an effort to do something special during Valentine’s. Most people look forward to buying something special for their partner or loved ones. As opposed to common belief, it’s not a holiday reserved for florists and jewelers. It’s a holiday that any business can take advantage of. Here are some essential Valentine’s Day marketing ideas to consider.

Microsite or landing page campaigns

Before Valentine’s arrives, consider creating a microsite to get the most out of your campaign. Do everything in your power to capture the attention of your audience. A microsite or even a landing page tailored specifically for Valentine’s Day can be enough to capture a passing visitor’s interest.

Give discounts to couples and family members

One of the oldest tricks in the book are Valentine’s Day promos. For example, you can offer customers a discount for purchasing two of the same product or you can offer “buy one take one” promos. If you’re a florist you can offer exclusive deals on roses and bouquets. You can also offer discounts and promos for customers who want to buy something for their parents. If you own a restaurant, you can offer discounts to couples. There are a ton of ways to introduce fun, couple-centric promos during Valentine’s.

Do some charity

There are a ton of ways to share your love on Valentine’s Day. Giving flowers to your significant other is just the beginning. As a business, one of the best ways to share love on Valentine’s is by donating to charity. Work together with a local charity and encourage your audience to offer their support. For example, you can promise to donate a percentage of your sales to the said charity. You can also host an event or offer a discount to customers who directly donate to your chosen charity. If you want to be particularly witty, consider partnering up with heart-themed charities.

Give physical Valentine’s Day cards to repeat customers

Share the spirit of Valentine’s Day by greeting your customers. Sending out emails is one way to do this, but consider sending actual, physical Valentine’s Day cards to your customers. Doing this can make them feel special and loved. Digital cards are all well and good, but giving people physical cards leaves a better impression. Either method is also a great way to inform your customers of Valentine’s Day promos you might be having.

Share gift ideas with your audience

Content marketing will always be relevant. On Valentine’s Day consider sharing gift ideas with your customers. A simple “Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas” blog post can net you sizable traffic through SEO alone. A video showing customers your suggestions is even better. If you want to maximize your sales, sneakily suggest your own products as a gift that your customers can give to their loved ones.

Use social media to share the love

Social media platforms come alive during Valentine’s. People everywhere will share anything from memes to photos on their Facebook walls and Twitter profiles. Take advantage of this by encouraging your customers to do the same thing. Ask them to share stories of love and admiration on your wall or profile. You can also ask them to share this content on their own walls, but ask that they tag you as well. If you want, you can even run a contest and give a simple prize to who you think has the most romantic story to share.

Marketing on Valentine’s Day isn’t like marketing on any other holiday. You need to practice a bit of creativity. Make your campaign revolve around love. Remind your customers that you care about them. To get the most out of the holiday, make sure that your business embodies everything great about Valentine’s Day.

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