How to Run an Effective Ramadan SMM Strategy

A couple of weeks before Ramadan begins, decorations start propping up with lanterns and crescents twinkling bright, the shopping spree commences and the excitement of the holy month starts, both spiritually and socially.  

In order for your brand to shine bright, you need to have a killer social media strategy that complements your digital marketing efforts. The statistics speak for themselves, consumers are shopping like crazy in the period leading up to Ramadan and just before the eid celebrations.  According to a Facebook study, Ramadan observers head to social media for some advice, shopping impulses, and purchases, with the bulk of shopping happening online these days due to safety concerns. 

That’s why it’s important to start planning early for your month-long festivity especially since people are more engaged and present, seeking deeper connections during this time.   

Here are a few suggestions on what you should include in your social media marketing (SMM) strategy for it to be effective:

Define Your Audience:

It is crucial to understand your audience and their characteristics.  There are central themes in Ramadan that need to be included in your content marketing.  Think With Google has come up with 7 persona’s to think about during Ramadan, by studying these persona’s you can cater to their needs through your social media platforms. 

Set Clear KPI’s 

It’s difficult to know for sure whether you have the right strategy unless you measure your performance through KPIs (Key Performing Indicators). Whether it’s building brand awareness or increasing conversions, you need to set an achievable goal.  You can look at various metrics to help you understand if your strategy is successful, including impressions, follower count, web traffic, engagement with posts, lead conversion rates, etc.

Create Ramadan Thematic Content

If you want your audience to engage, you need to provide them with content that resonates with them, knowing your audience is key to your success. When creating your content plan, remember to include a mix of promotional, entertainment, and informative posts. Ramadan is a time of spiritual reflection and charity, include themes in relation to the holy month will help deepen the connection with your brand and the audience.

Identity The Best Fit Platform(s)

When you are a large enterprise, you may need to post on various platforms but you can still focus on engagement with the platforms that most of your audience is at. Engage with followers immediately before and after posting in order to increase your reach and if you have the mindset of building a community, you will succeed further in your strategy.

Test, Measure and Improve

After all that hard work of executing a Ramadan SMM strategy, you want to know how your content is performing and whether you’ve met your goals. Based on your insights you can adjust your strategy to improve results. Tracking reach, engagement, follower growth, and the customer journey will provide you with valuable data that you can interpret and use to improve your social media strategy.

There are great opportunities for marketers and brands to grow their business during Ramadan, however, it can also hurt your business if you don’t plan and execute a meaningful marketing strategy.

About Islam Ibrahim
Islam is senior content specialist at Sandstorm Digital working on content campaigns across our MENA clients.

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