3 Essential TikTok Tips For Ramadan 2024

As we usher in the holy month of Ramadan, Tiktok released a Ramadan playbook on how to maximize your success for the 2024 Ramadan season and opportunities you can unlock during the season. Packed with strategies and insights, this playbook serves as a guide to help creators and brands maximize their success during the season and unlock unique opportunities. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore three essential TikTok tips tailored for Ramadan 2024, revealing how timing, entertainment, increased spending, and a full-funnel approach can elevate your campaign to new heights.

Timing is key when planning your campaign.

To be successful, you need to start campaigning early. According to TikTok, 36% of Ramadan-related conversions happen 2 weeks pre-Ramadan and 1 week post-Eid. 

Ramadan is Synomous with Entertainment

The most anticipated part of the season is the entertainment aspect.  Entertainment can be shown in hosting, outings, experiences, and TV shows. The prime time is from Iftar to Suhour, competition is fierce, Tiktok’s research shows that during the holy month, consumers come to TikTok

with full attention and engagement throughout the whole day, ranking highest in all-day prime time, giving your brand access to a wide audience. 

Increasing Spending 

The spending windows increase during Ramadan, and in general, general spending increased 3.1X between 2021 and 2023,

Advertise with a Full Funnel Approach. 

Longer prime time translates into higher ROAS and higher impact across the funnel.  Return on ad spend (ROAS) is 43% higher than all total digital.  It was shown that TikTok is 4x more impactful than TV in the upper/lower funnel. 

Strategic planning, creativity, and an understanding of consumer behavior during this holy month are crucial for success. By recognizing the significance of timing, tapping into the entertainment factor, capitalizing on increased spending habits, and adopting a full-funnel approach, brands and creators can unlock the full potential of their campaigns. This Ramadan, let TikTok be your ally in reaching a broad and engaged audience, making your mark during the most festive and spiritually significant time of the year. 

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