WhatsApp Channels: Does Your Business Need To Be On Channels?

WhatsApp Channels has begun rolling out globally. Soon. you’ll be able to follow brands such as Netflix or figures like Mark Zuckerberg. According to Statista, Whatsapp has approximately 2.7 billion unique active users worldwide. It may be early to think of creating a WhatsApp channel for your business, or possibly, your business model may not benefit from having one to connect with your customers – but I’m sure you will contemplate opening one for your business as we did, brands should be constantly searching for innovative ways to connect with their customers, and shouldn’t shy away from trying different avenues.

In fact, although we believe our business model won’t benefit from a Whatsapp channel, we still created an account for Sandstorm Digital so that we can provide insights to our clients on a new way to connect with your clients.  If channels has reached you, give us a follow. 

What is Whatsapp Channels?

Channel updates are a one-way broadcast rather than a conversation. Customers who follow you can’t reply directly to updates or send messages to channel admins. Instead, they can show their interest in a channel’s content by adding emoji reactions to channel updates or voting on polls.

What Can You Do On WhatsApp Channels?

Use your channel to share things like:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Stickers
  • Links

How Can I Create a WhatsApp Channel?

  1. Open WhatsApp Web, and go to Channels by clicking the Channels icon
  2. Click + > Create channel.
  3. Click Continue and continue through the onscreen prompts.
  4. Add a channel name to finish creating your channel. You can choose to change the name again at any time.
  5. Customize your channel: You can choose to customize your channel now by adding a description and icon or wait until later.
  6. Add a channel description: Write a few words to help potential followers understand what your channel is about.
  7. Add a channel icon: Add an image from your phone or the web to stand out.
  8. Click Create channel, and you’re done!

Shall I Create a WhatsApp Channel for my business?

With over 2 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp presents an enticing opportunity for businesses to engage with their audience.  Of course, the answer will vary depending on the type of business you have and what part of the world your business is located in. In general, you should look into these various factors:

1. Accessibility and Convenience: WhatsApp is widely accessible, making it easy for customers to reach out to businesses. This convenience can enhance customer satisfaction, as they can quickly inquire about products, and services, or resolve issues in real-time. A WhatsApp channel can improve customer support and build trust.

2. Personalized Communication: Businesses can send tailored messages, offers, and updates based on the customer’s preferences, creating a sense of individualized attention.

3. Cost-Effective: Compared to traditional customer service methods like phone calls, WhatsApp is cost-effective.

4. Global Reach: WhatsApp is not limited by geographical boundaries. Businesses can connect with customers worldwide, making it an excellent choice for international expansion and marketing.

5. Analytics: WhatsApp Channels metrics include the following:

  • Number of channel followers. You can also see which followers are contacts by viewing your channel follower list.
  • View counts for channel updates.
  • Number and type of emoji reactions.

Although this data may seem limited, it can still be used to refine marketing strategies and improve customer interactions.

6. Privacy Concerns: While WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption for messages, some users may be concerned about privacy issues. It’s essential for businesses to handle customer data responsibly and transparently to address these concerns. Here is WhatsApp privacy policy

7. Competition: WhatsApp is a crowded platform, and your business will need to stand out among numerous other messages in users’ chats. Crafting engaging and valuable content is crucial to capture and maintain the audience’s attention.

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