Google September 2023 Helpful Content Update: 5 Tips To Keep Your Brand Relevant

A few days ago, Google released its September 2023 Helpful Content Update which will be rolling out in the next couple of weeks.  There probably won’t be any ranking changes to your site until after the update is complete, 

The main takeaway is that if you are producing helpful content, you don’t need to change anything. Google did add new guidance about hosting third-party content and provides a handy guide to creating helpful, reliable, people-first content

Here are 5 Tips To Keep Your Brand Relevant For SERP:

  1. Keep producing helpful content 

The quality of content is more important than the quantity, so focus on that as much as possible. Consider evaluating your content in terms of “Who, How, and Why” as a way to stay on course with what Google’s systems seek to reward.

  1. Keep Content Updated and Relevant

It takes time to update old content, especially from a couple of years back, but ensuring your content is updated, will ensure re-optimization for ranking, this includes links, images, and dates. 

  1. Use Google Search Console Insights to Improve content that has dropped in search results. 

To help you better understand which content of yours resonates with your audiences, Google introduced a new experience called Search Console Insights.  Having an overview and helpful insights on how your content is performing, will help you optimize your pages. 

  1. If using AI content, ensure to review and improve copy, rather than cut and paste. 

Use AI-generated content as an aid and not as a replacement for your blogs and site content.  Google has recently mentioned that if AI content is helpful, it will not be penalized, and has loosened the guidance on machine-generated content, however, policies surrounding AI use keep changing, and using your AI-generated content should be reviewed and edited by a human.

  1. Make significant changes when changing publish dates

 Only if you make notable changes should you change the publish date of your online blog,
otherwise, it can be flagged and downgrade your ranking.

You can quickly recover ranking once your content improves if you get hit.  Google has provided a self-assessment guide to help you figure it out.

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