Twitter Rebranding: When To Update Brand Assets to X?

With various Twitter variations being introduced after Musk’s takeover, like BlueSky, Mastodon, Threads, and Clubhouse, Twitter itself has now rebranded to X

With so many changes and rivals trying to come into the space in the span of this year, the rebranding announcement came as a surprise, the iconic blue bird logo is no more. Although many question the decision to rebrand, it is clear that it is here to stay. Elon must has a vision for X to be the ‘everything app’’ with will include audio, video, messaging, and payment/banking features. There are some hurdles to go through, like trademarks and legal agreements that will need to be ironed in the next few months. 

Elon Musk stated that tweets will now be called x’s but whether this will catch on is still debatable. What’s for sure, is that brands need to contemplate changing the blue bird icon into X across all channels. 

Companies need to think of updating their websites, staff email signatures, and promotional material with the X logo.  Here is  X‘s brand asset page once your brand takes the decision to move to the next stage.  Personally, we will wait a couple of weeks once the trademark is stable before we make the changes. What about you?

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