4 Twitter Blue Benefits

We’ve put Twitter Blue to the test for $11 a month, so you don’t have to.  We’ve been asked plenty of whether it’s worth it, and our answer is, it really depends on so many different factors, including whether you have a large, engaged audience on the platform.   

In this blog, we put together 4 reasons why you might want to subscribe to it, but first, we give an overview of its features.    

What is Twitter Blue?

Twitter Blue is an opt-in, paid subscription that adds a blue checkmark to your account and offers early access to select features, like longer Tweets, and edit Tweets. As of February 2023, Twitter only gained 300,000 subscribers, which is a much lower number than they had envisioned. 

In addition to the blue checkmark, Twitter Blue features offer subscribers a way to enhance and customize their Twitter experience. These controls are designed to help personalize Twitter. 

There are rumors circulating that Twitter will soon offer a gold checkmark for brands, for $1,000, but we don’t expect brands to pay that much for not much in return.   

Here are 4 reasons you might want to subscribe:

  1. Longer Tweets allow Blue subscribers to Tweet up to 4,000 characters. You can also compose longer Tweets in a Quote Tweet or reply. Standard functionality like posting media, creating polls and using hashtags still apply. Everyone will be able to read longer Tweets, but only Blue subscribers can create them.
  1. Longer, higher-quality video uploads (Labs): Twitter allows free users to post videos with a maximum length of 2 minutes and 20 seconds. Blue enables paid users to post videos that are up to 10 minutes long. It also exclusively supports 1080p video uploads. This perk works on all platforms, and it’s part of Twitter Blue Labs’ experimental features.
  1. Edit Tweet feature: Edit Tweet allows paying users to edit their tweets up to 5 times within 30 minutes of posting them. This might be the best feature for us, as it fixes typos, and allows you to add missed tags without deleting the tweet. 
  1. Blue Check Mark: It gives your brand credibility, trustworthiness, and authority. It also creates a sense of comfort for your audience. This is especially important for brands and/or public figures that want to position themselves as thought leaders or experts in their industry.

The premium service also allows you to read news ad-free, organize your bookmarks into folders, and pin conversations in your DMs, but we felt the above 4 features are the most useful for businesses. 

The bottom line is that a blue checkmark provides trust to your users/clients and would benefit your brand for engagement purposes. Other features will also have some value to brands, such as longer tweets and video downloads. However, it is up to businesses to see whether the features are valuable to their brand. There will be Twitter Blue exclusive drops in the future, which would be great incentives for brands. 

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