Find Your Ideal Client By Targeting Lookalike Audiences

Reach your ideal customer by using a lookalike audience to scale up your ad targeting. Daria, Paid Media Manager at Sandstorm, shares her thoughts on building new audiences using existing sources, in other words, audiences who have previously taken an action on your site.

What are the characteristics of a lookalike audience?

In order to create a highly relevant and effective Facebook Ad, you should utilize the lookalike audience feature. This tool allows us to create new segments of users who are similar to our current customers or somehow connected to our business. 

What can be a source of a lookalike audience?

Facebook has a lot of options in creating lookalike audiences, one of which, can be your existing customer.   Another lookalike audience source is your website visitors, which is based on FB pixel that collects data on any action taken on your website. Another source can be your mobile apps such as downloads, game use, interactions. 

How many users should be in a source?

Facebook recommends users to be from 1000-15,000, however, audience quality is more important than audience size. You are better off with quality and specific sources that will guarantee conversion, I would say 1000 is a good number.  If you have a large audience lookalike, I highly suggest you segment them into smaller groups. 

Lookalike audiences are an excellent method to reach audiences who are similar to your existing customers. It’s an advanced targeting option that has proved to be effective in finding your ideal customer. 

About Daria Biriukova
Daria is one of Sandstorm’s Social Media Advertising Specialists working on clients including Etisalat, Arada & Rivoli.

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