Meta 2023 Ramadan Insights

This Ramadan season, engage and inspire your customers by discovering Ramadan marketing insights, tools, and training for your business from Meta For Business.

Ramadan is a global moment observed by almost two billion people. For businesses, it offers a unique time to connect and resonate with engaged audiences.

Meta created a guide to help grow your business with Meta technologies during Ramadan and Eid. 

At its core, Ramadan is a time for togetherness, connection, and community. Instagram saw 13.4 million interactions with togetherness, connection, and community, and 91% of users like to see content that promotes community and togetherness on both Facebook and Instagram. 

For businesses, Meta technologies provide a valuable opportunity to reach and resonate with audiences throughout the consumer journey.  In 2022, 66% of shoppers and observers watched online videos, and around the same percentage purchased from personalized ads on Meta platforms. 

Here are 3 Key insights & Recommendations from the Ramadan Meta Guide 2023: 

  1. Video is a powerful vehicle for brand storytelling, helping to drive awareness and consideration.

Recommendation:  Explore a variety of video formats available on Meta technologies and maximize your results with reels and Facebook in-stream video ads. 

  1. Creators are a trusted gateway to reach and inspire new audiences.

Recommendation: Partner with creators that align with our values and leverage branded content ads to help scale your collaborations to new audiences. 

  1. Augmented reality puts your brand at the heart of the celebration.

Recommendation: Consider creating an AR effect to align with consumer sentiment. 

Ramadan is a time when businesses can connect with observers in a meaningful way. By understanding your brands’ target audience and using social media effectively, businesses can make the most of their Ramadan campaigns and build stronger relationships with their customers.

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