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3 ways to Optimize Title Tags

This episode of the DigiFiles discusses 3 ways to Optimize your Title Tags to rank #1 on Search Engines.  

What is a Title Tag?  

Simply, they are HTML element in the code of your website that tell Google what your website is about.  The green highlights in the image below are examples of Title Tags. 

Why are Title Tags Important?

  • It is an important ranking factor for Google.  
  • It lets the user know what to expect on your page when they click the link. 

To ensure that your title tag is relevant to users and search engines, you should do the following:

  1. Limit characters to about 60 in length so that the full title is displayed.  Otherwise you risk the text being cut off, you want to avoid the three dots on the end of your title.   As shown in the below examples.  
  2. Ideally include a keyword that you’d want to rank for, without keyword stuffing.
  3.  Include a unique selling proposition, if you have the room for it,   a captivating message or eye-catching features will  hook users in. 

The above are excellent examples of Title Tags.  They use the brand name, with a clear separation, a USP, and includes relevant keyword. 

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