Pathways- A next Generation AI architecture: 5 Things You Need To Know

Pathways is a new machine learning system being developed by Google Research, that will handle many tasks at once, more efficiently. This is remarkable progress in the field of artificial intelligence. 

Watch Youtube video Introducing Pathways here.

5 things you need to know about the next generation AI architecture, Pathways:

  1. Today’s AI systems are trained to do only one thing. Pathways will enable us to train a single model to do thousands or millions of things. 
  2. The Pathway model, is an attempt for it to function like a human brain. 
  3. Current AI models train or single senses, with Pathways, it can combine several senses.
  4. Google announced that has the ability to create such an advanced system.  
  5. A recently publishes research, Fine-tuned Language Net FLAN,  describes a method for improving zero-shot learning for Natural Language Processing (NLP) models by using natural language instructions (instruction tuning) by making use of pretraining, finetuning and prompting.

It is common that Google doesn’t confirm whether the techniques or algorithms are in use, and so we would be speculating, to say that Pathways is already being tested.  Our thought is that it is being developed for 2022 algorithm updates. 

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