What’s The Best Social Media Platform For Your Business?

There is no definite answer to this question because you need to have a presence wherever your customers are. Once you know your buyer’s persona well, you are able to determine which platform(s) they spend most of their time in, and that’s where you need to be active and engage. 

It’s important to be active in the right platform, social media supports your website, integrates with SEO and ads, expands your reach, and builds a community around your business. It’s a part of your brand story and impacts how you’re perceived. But in order for it to be effective, you need to determine which social media platform(s) works best for your business. 

Here are a few tips on how to determine which platform works best:

Define your goal(s)

What do you want to get out of being present on social media? While some brands use social media to drive brand recognition and to develop a connection with potential buyers, others use social media for customer support. When you define your goals, you are a step closer to choosing the right platform. 

Examine Audience platform preference 

To do this, you’re going to determine which platform your audience uses by looking at the demographics of the users on each platform. You’ll also want to consider how active your audience is on that platform. For example, although, users may be present on a platform, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are active on it.  Besides demographics and engagement, you’ll also want to look at how individuals use the platform.

Align Platform with Content Creation

Different types of content work better with certain social media platforms. So you’ll need to look at what type of content you produce and see the best fit with platforms. Usually, blog posts don’t work on TikTok and a short-form vertical video won’t be the best fit for LinkedIn.  

Social media is an indispensable tool for your brand.  It keeps you relevant and helps you gain exposure and brand awareness because you are able to directly connect you with prospects as well as reach out to people all across the world. Engagement on social media can help you find new leads, generate more website traffic, and gain insight into the shopping habits of your customers. 

Choosing the right social media platform for your business is all about defining the goals you want to achieve through social media marketing, figuring out what platforms your target audience is already on, and choosing a platform that matches the type of content you create. 

About Abdesadek Nadi
Abdesadek Nadi is Head of Web Development and Programers working on some of Sandstorm's web dev clients across the MENA region.

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