3 Ways To Optimize Your LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn is the world’s most extensive professional network, with more than 740 million users in more than 200 countries worldwide, that alone is reason to start being serious about optimizing your Linkedin page. 

Your brand’s presence on this platform is a good asset for your business and should be part of your brand’s marketing mix. The LinkedIn company page has set features that allow you to reach your target audience, we will be discussing 3 priority categories to help you make the most of your LinkedIn page, if you’d like to delve deeper into it, check out the LinkedIn Pages Best Practices

  1. Join The Conversation 

Linkedin is the perfect platform to establish your expertise, it is highly likely that new opportunities will arise with your brand’s presence in this platform, but more so when you join in the conversion. Here’s how to do it best: 

  • Provide useful content to reach your ideal audience.   Including high-quality images that correlate with your content will boost your performance further.
  • Ensure that you post consistently, ideally once a day but minimum on a weekly basis. Brands that post weekly see a 2x lift in engagement with their content.
  • Use the content suggestions feature, this tool reveals what’s trending with your target audience.
  • Leverage your Hashtags on LinkedIn.  Hashtags are a great way to reach a larger audience. A LinkedIn hashtag strategy is different than other platforms, so ensure it is not spammy and directly correlates to your content. 
  • Engage with your audience and others through your companies profile by commenting and liking other brands, groups, figures. 
  • Turn your employees into brand advocates by encouraging them to engage with your posts by resharing, commenting, liking. There is a ‘Notify Employees’ of posts bottom which will alert them of new content. 
  1. Utilize Technical Features 

Linkedin has plenty of tools and features to help your brand succeed on its platform.  The LinkedIn Pages Enterprise Playbook is a good place to discover new ones.  We’ve included some features that you can enable to help you in conveying and spreading your message. 

  • Complete your Page profile.  This sounds logical but making sure that it is all filled out properly and completely will boost your visibility.  Adding a CTA button will increase your chances of getting leads. 
  • Create Show Case Pages: This feature helps you target different buyer personas by providing single pages that focus on specific products or services which will result in quality leads.  
  • Add a Linkedin Follow button directly from your website. 
  • Invite your personal connection to follow your page. 
  1. Analyze The Data

LinkedIn analytics metrics allow you to measure your success. It also gives you the info you need to improve on your strategy. 

  • Review page analytics to help grown and optimize content. It will help you find out what resonates most and where there are opportunity gaps. 
  • Assess competitor’s strategy: you can get inspiration by reviewing competitors’ content and see what is working with them.  If you change your view to ‘view as member’ you will see similar pages that you can check out.  

Remember that your brand needs to stay authentic and genuine while building trust with your audience.  By using the above tips, you can become an authority in your field and ensure that you are benefiting from the opportunities LinkedIn has to offer your brand. Linkedin also has paid advertising that you can also explore through the campaign manager

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