Takeaways: Adobe Summit 2023

Adobe Summit 2023 successfully kicked off last week, with Adobe unveiling a wide range of product innovations across Adobe Experience Cloud focused on new generative AI services, personalization, content management, and product analytics, as well as the industry’s first content supply solution.   The main takeaway is that Adobe enters the generative AI game with the introduction of Firefly, Sensei GenAI, and Adobe Express for Enterprise as well as partnering up with industry leaders in AI. Learn more: 

Product Release:  Adobe Sensei GenAI 

Adobe Announces new Sensei GenAI services to reimagine end-to-end marketing workflows.

  • Adobe Sensei GenAI will leverage multiple large language models (LLMs) within Adobe Experience Platform, depending on unique business needs
  • Adobe Firefly—Adobe’s new family of creative generative AI models first focused on image generation and text effects—will be integrated into Adobe Experience Cloud for businesses to generate content designed to be safe for commercial use
  • Adobe unveiled the first set of Sensei GenAI services in Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Journey Optimizer, Adobe Customer Journey Analytics, Marketo Engage, and Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform—powering use cases from content personalization and editing, to marketing copy generation and conversational experiences

Product Release: Adobe Express for Enterprise

Adobe Express for Enterprise empowers anyone at any business to create and deliver on-Brand content: 

  • Adobe Express for Enterprise enables businesses to address growing demands for content with a creative solution anyone can use to quickly deliver on-brand images and videos
  • Adobe Express for Enterprise brings the best features from Adobe’s innovative Creative Cloud applications into a single intuitive and accessible creative application, and adds Adobe Firefly, empowering teams to quickly and easily produce limitless variations of on-brand content
  • Integrating Adobe Express with Adobe Experience Manager Assets enables streamlined end-to-end content workflows across content planning, creation, collaborative review, distribution, and analysis

Adobe Announces Partnerships

In addition to confirming its continued partnerships with Microsoft and OpenAI, Adobe has revealed a new partnership with NVIDIA to co-develop advanced generative AI models. The two companies are working on a range of AI-driven features for Adobe’s Creative Cloud, including AI-powered stylization, photorealistic rendering, and developing a new generative AI technology called GANverse3D, that can turn 2D images into 3D models.

So, the general theme was mainly on AI, “Our belief is that generative AI will enhance human ingenuity, not replace it,” said Shantanu Narayen introducing Adobe Firefly at Adobe Summit.  The learn more about the event and discover the new product release follow this link

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