5 Top Benefits of a Website for your Company

Most businesses create a website without being aware of the benefits of having one.  Ali, Chief Creative Officer at Sandstorm Digital goes into depth about the importance and benefits of having a website in our latest DiGi Files episode.

1) Effective Marketing Tool 

Just by having an up and running online presence, you have directed targeted traffic to your site through search engines.  It is also a storefront that is available to your prospective customers and a valuable asset to your marketing mix.  With the right setup and keywords, search engines can help drive relevant traffic to your website. An added bonus is that a website is a 24/7, 365 days a year storefront; and it’s accessible from anywhere in the world.

2) Instantly Increase Online Sales

A constant marketing goal is to increase sales.  What better way to be able to generate more sales almost instantly through your website.  You can totally increase your profit margins for your business with an eCommerce website, the best thing about it is that even as you sleep, orders can come in.

3) Interact with existing & prospective customers

A website provides your customers with crucial information about your business but it is also another way to build and enhance relationships with them. Good content and contact information as well as newsletter subscription options are some sure ways to engage with your audience. 

4) Elevates your Brand’s  Identity

Your website has endless possibilities, you can use various types of interactive media, unlike traditional media in order to make it more interactive and engaging.  The rich-media of video, audio, and animation can highlight your brand’s identity and present the information in a more attractive way. In addition, you cut down on printing costs since your companies credentials are available online with easy access to anyone.  

5) Effortless Global Expansion

One final way a website helps your business is by expanding your reach. With a website, anyone can find your business, not just people in your local area. By reaching a wider audience, you have a higher potential for brand growth and visibility. 

It is imperative to have a website in today’s environment, in particular, due to the rise of eCommerce.  Having a website is important to reaching your target audience and connect with them.  It refines your brand identity and makes it possible to expand and grow as a business. 

About Ali Ghaznawi
Ali is one of Sandstorm's creative digital designers. his brilliance comes from combining creativity and technical expertise to produce digital graphics for websites, games, movie special effects, and more.

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