3 Free Ways to Use Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Business

Are you a small business owner enticed by the potential of influencer marketing? Do you like the idea of increased sales via influencer outreach, yet know your small business’ marketing budget won’t allow for such expenditures? You can use influencer marketing to grow your small business even if you can’t afford to pay for the services of a well-known influencer. Incorporate the following three hacks into your marketing strategy if you want to increase eyeballs on your brand without emptying your bank account in the process.

Quote Influencers

Try quoting influencers in your small business’ marketing efforts. This can include quoting them in a Facebook post, retweeting their content on Twitter with your own commentary added to your post, or creating visual images of their quotes for Pinterest or Instagram. Each time you quote an influencer on social media, be sure to @ mention them. There’s a good chance they’ll share your social media post with their audience, thereby extending the reach of your social media marketing efforts.

Analyze Their Content

Influencers are often well-known because of the quality content they create and share with their audience. If you want to use the power of influencer marketing to grow your small business, but can’t afford an influencer’s rates, consider analyzing their content and sharing your results with youraudience. Create a blog post about your findings or how you used an influencer’s helpful information to build your business, and then share your content with your followers on social media. 

Influencer Collections

If you want to turbocharge your small business marketing without paying for an influencer’s services, consider creating collections of influencer content. Create a blog post with five tweets from influencers embedded within your post. Create a visual image for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter with five statements from influencers highlighted in your image. You can even create an infographic quoting multiple influencers. Share your influencer collection on social media and @ mention each influencer. Don’t be surprised if your collection is shared with the influencer’s network along with a thank you for quoting them in your post.

Incorporate these three influencer marketing hacks into your small business’ marketing strategy and your audience engagement rates are likely to increase. Just because you can’t afford to pay for an influencer, that doesn’t mean you can’t use the power of influencer marketing to your advantage. Influencer marketing is here to stay; how you use it to increase your customer engagement rates is up to you.

About Rania Ahmed
Rania is one of our brilliant SEO execs focusing on content and outreach for our regional clients including First Abu Dhabi Bank,  Abdul Lateef Jamil and Unilever Arabia.

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