How to Create Quality Content That Gains Organic Backlinks

While search engine algorithms have changed considerably over the years, backlinks are still vital for ranking. The emphasis may have shifted towards quality and relevance, but ranking for any competitive keyword will require links. In the past, though, you could get backlinks through linking schemes, directories, blog networks, and similar techniques. Now, however, it is far more critical to gain organic backlinks from sites that naturally think your content is worth linking to. So how can a site go about earning these organic links?

Write a Comprehensive List

List posts can be viral, mainly when they cover a topic in detail. It is possible to add social media buttons to each point, so readers can share the opinion that most resonates with them. If the list is very long, it can help to break up the points into separate sections and create a navigation facility.

Use Statistics and Data to Build a Post

Readers are intrigued by interesting statistics, but writers also find them useful. An article or infographic that contains insightful data can be shared and used in other materials, leading to many powerful backlinks. Rather than merely listing the statistics, though, it can help to provide some context and analysis.

Provide Resources

A resource list will be incredibly useful to people within your niche. Resource lists are often shared on social media and forums when someone asks a relevant question. If you continue to add to the list, it can quickly become the go-to location within an industry. Various site and product owners will also contact you for inclusion, leading to new linking opportunities.

Create a Case Study

A case study could be a long and detailed analysis, but it can also refer to the testing of an individual product. A comprehensive case study might take a long time to produce, leading to insights that others will want to share. A product case study will have more limited interest, but you can often get some authority links from the product creators.

Give an Opinion That Leads to Conversation

Opinion posts can lead to many backlinks as people will usually have differing opinions and want to share them. The views don’t necessarily need to be controversial, but they can’t be too bland or predictable. When you can create a talking point, readers and other writers will share your post even if they don’t agree.

Respond to a Trend

You can find trending topics in every niche, with the possibility to build content that holds some relevance. Even with broader trends, you can often relate them back to a smaller industry. The pattern can serve as an introduction or example of a topic within your niche. It is essential to be quick with this type of content, though, as trends can disappear quickly.

Compile Expert Opinions

Building relationships with the experts and influencers within your industry can lead to quality content. You can create a general topic for an article and ask each expert to provide a short statement or opinion. Most of the contributors will naturally link to the post, while other readers will link to the idea that most resonates with them.

A good strategy will include a variety of content types, helping to reach linking partners who may prefer a particular style. Every niche typically has a few types of content that will repeatedly go viral, so it is a good idea to look at the success of your competitors. You will frequently find examples of popular material, but the key is to try and offer something unique and improve on current offerings. While not everything you produce will gain an audience and the subsequent backlinks, when you create a winner you can quickly make an impact on your target keywords.

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