8 Influencer Marketing Platforms to Amplify Content

According to the 2014 report, “Digital Trends Briefing”, 36% of B2C and B2B marketers listed content marketing as one of their top five priorities. With 31% of the same poll group listing conversion rate optimization as a top five priority, the pressure is on to make the most of content marketing spending. One tool that a growing number of marketers are turning to is influencer marketing.

There are numerous platforms available that seek to connect so-called ‘influencers’ with brands in need of access to that individual’s legions of followers. Determining the best platform for brand initiatives is no easy task.

From blogging stars to Instagram and YouTube celebrities, a marketing agency in search of social media ‘connectors’ needs to do their homework in order to choose the right platform to satisfy brand objectives. With an increasing number of resources available, it can be confusing for the uninitiated to find a suitable engagement platform for their needs. With that objective in mind, the following list of platforms has been curated for your benefit. Dive into the details of each platform to determine which resource will best help you achieve your content marketing amplification goals.

Word Perks 

Set to launch in late 2014, Word Perks hopes to connect influencers with brands wanting to capitalize on their reach. Details are limited on Word Perks, but interested parties can sign up for updates and beta access invitations.



Exposely helps brands create advertising promotions based upon popular social media shares and blog posts. Publishers can use Exposely to earn compensation for the social media sharing they are already engaging in and to build an additional revenue stream for their blogging efforts. Promotional campaigns available via Exposely are currently fairly sparse, but as the platform gains more ‘exposure’ the availability of revenue generating campaigns is likely to grow.



TapInfluence connects brands with influential publishers to create content and measure amplification. Brands can create promotional campaigns for anything from written native advertising blog posts to visual marketing campaigns like infographics or video compilations. Publishers accepted into the TapInfluence program are able to choose brand engagement opportunities they are interested in and earn revenue in exchange for services rendered (i.e. blog post creation or tweets generated).



Similar to TapInfluence, NeoReach connects individuals with companies in search of brand amplification opportunities. Publishers/influencers can apply for inclusion in NeoReach’s platform by connecting their Facebook account. If approved for the program, users are then able to review branded campaign offerings and choose tasks they wish to complete. Brands are able to track the analytics of each campaign and can potentially achieve a much higher conversion rate than traditional marketing efforts like PPC advertising.



Loot connects brands with customers in an effort to complete social media sharing campaigns. Customers utilizing the Loot mobile app do not have to be considered influencers. Brands request actions they want performed and customers complete the requested actions in exchange for promotional offerings and discount coupons.



Totems connects brands with Instagram power-users. From hashtag campaigns to image creation campaigns, Totems users can complete requested tasks in exchange for pre-arranged compensation. Totems was previously branded as Nitrogram.



Similar to Totems, SplashScore connects heavy-hitters on Facebook with brands hoping for increased company awareness. Facebook likes and comments can earn SplashScore users rewards from the brands they help to amplify.



Like Totems and SplashScore, VidRocket connects influencers with companies. The difference with VidRocket is that potential users must have a YouTube following. Successfully completed brand campaigns can generate compensation for individuals using the platform. VidRocket is an official YouTube partner that helps video enthusiasts create branded videos according to pre-arranged marketing campaigns.


The above-listed influencer engagement platforms are just some of the options to consider if you want to connect with potential ‘name droppers’ to boost your brand. With an engaged social media following, these individuals can have a significant impact on content marketing ROI. With digital spending being closely monitored by marketing management, using influencers as an amplification tool can be a much more cost-effective tool than social media ads or PPC networks like Adwords. Which of these programs will you be considering utilizing to boost the spread of your team’s content marketing efforts?

Reference: blogs.adobe.com/digitaleurope/2014/01/28/customer-experience-content-marketing-top-2014-digital-trends

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