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5 Predictive Analytics Startups We Will Be Testing

Data analysis for lead generation. Mining data to better understand consumer purchasing patterns. Filtering retail data to power marketing and sales strategies. The uses for data analytics are many. When you combine predictive technology with data analysis, you have a powerful platform indeed. It is no wonder the predictive analytics startup sector is booming. From developer APIs and enterprise data science tools to loyalty marketing interfaces and content intelligence platforms, savvy entrepreneurs in this space are building a wide variety of intriguing startups. For an inside peek at the innovation in the predictive analytics space, following are five startup companies you might want to investigate further:

Tell Apart

Tell Apart’s predictive analytics platform has been used by major retailers like Neiman Marcus, Warby Parker, and One Kings Lane. Tell Apart’s platform uses data inputs like shopping behavior, customer relationship feedback, and cross-channel behaviors to inform businesses as to advisable courses of action to increase profitability. By combining machine learning with their analytics algorithm, Tell Apart is able to offer enterprise users a variety of options including email personalization strategies, transactional retargeting, and onsite offers specific to buyer personalities.


Bluenose Analytics

Bluenose Analytics is another platform businesses can investigate if they want to reap the rewards of predictive analytics technology. Bluenose’s platform uses data inputs including everything from your engagement data to your customer demographics to create customer campaigns specific to your business’ needs. Bluenose lets you enjoy benefits like alerts when a customer profile changes and retargeting emails.



Futurelytics uses predictive analytics to make sense out of big data. Platform features include conversion rate optimization, customer behavior analysis, and campaign targeting. Futurelytics users can use the platform to automate marketing actions. Futurelytics integrates with numerous marketing tools including MailChimp, Salesforce, Constant Contact, and Google Analytics.



The Trendkite platform offers tools like on-demand reporting, niche-specific news alerts for your market, custom dashboards, and brand monitoring. Whether you want business news alerts on iBeacon marketing or augmented reality interfaces, Trendkite can make it happen. Trendkite’s customers include big name brands like Nikon and Open Stack. (trendkite.com)

Data Robot

Data Robot offers a cloud-based predictive analytics software solution for data scientists. Available for both SMBs and enterprise users, Data Robot helps data scientists find and deploy predictive models at a rapid rate. If you’re building a company within the business intelligence space, dive into Data Robot to see if their analytics platform is appropriate for your business.


These five companies are just a tiny sampling of the numerous startups being built within the predictive analytics space. Utilizing everything from artificial intelligence and machine learning to big data, this sector is only going to continue to grow. Will you be integrating a predictive analytics software solution into your business this year?

Mohamed Alazzawy
About Mohamed Alazzawy
Mohamed is a Senior Search Planner at Sandstorm Digital FZE working on high profile accounts such as National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD), Etisalat, Meraas, City Index and Souqalmal.com. His experience includes both the technical and content aspects of SEO.
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