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Using Google Analytics To Double Your Website Traffic

Google Analytics has become the go-to tool for many SEO strategists and web developers because it has consistently outdone itself as a solid traffic and analytics tool — and it’s only getting better. Analytics are essential to any business and understanding how visitors are engaging with your website and what content resonates the most can be paramount to spending your marketing dollars (among other resources) wisely.

Let’s explore some of the ways that Google Analytics can help your business grow.

Illustrating Competitive Placement

Do your competitors have better engagement with their visitors than you do? What sources bring them the most leads? Google Analytics’ benchmarking screen allows you to track your traffic sources pretty easily. You can also check out sites like SimilarWeb to view monthly traffic stats and references for other websites. The benchmarking screen can help you discover the traffic potential for your industry and target audience.

Conversion Tracking

While your specific business goals may change over time, the one goal that will always remain is to get more leads. With Google Analytics, you can use cookies to hone in on where your prospects are coming from, as it provides you with multiple options for displaying information about specific visitors.

Backlink Stats

The backlinks coming to your website will vary in the amount of traffic that each brings. Knowing which online sources provide you with the most link juice can help with creating similar links to redirect more traffic your way. Why not go with what works?

Google Page Ranking

In the game of SEO, top page ranking in Google is the gold medal that all website creators try to attain. It starts with understanding what keywords can bring your site the most visitors. Google Analytics allows you to do this by providing a list of your site’s most sought-after keywords and tracking the number of leads that each of them brings. Once you find out what search terms are bringing in the most traffic, it’s merely a matter of creating more content around them to increase your chances of showing up higher in the search rankings for it.

Content Analytics

Google Analytics also helps you take a more in-depth look at your traffic stats to monitor which web pages have the most views, the amount of time visitors spends on each page and the variations of keywords they may use to search for specific content. Creating more user-guided content is the key to increasing your engagement with potential leads. Just give them what they’re looking for, and after you do, try to showcase similar offerings to cross-sell additional products.

Bounce Rate Data

How long are visitors staying on your site and perusing your content? Are they making purchases, or are they leaving the site after less than a minute? Are they turning into leads via email signup widgets? A high bounce rate is attributable to many things, including poor site design, confusing website architecture, or low-quality content. The Google Website Optimizer allows you to do A/B split testing to illustrate which version of a web landing page converts the most visitors.

The Google Analytics platform offers you tons of useful data similar to that which businesses spend thousands of dollars to obtain from professional data analysts. Taking time to explore how it works can provide your company with impactful data that can improve your lead-generation efforts.

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