MENA Region’s First Call Analytics Tracking System

Businesses know just how valuable tracking a lead really is. If you use a website for your business, you can easily track how visitors found your website and what search terms they used to locate it. What about companies that aren’t online, though?

Organizations that depend primarily on phone calls may find it tricky to determine exactly how someone located their company.

Fortunately, we have launched the MENA region’s first call analytics tracking system designed to help you discover exactly how customers are finding your organization. This ensures you’re able to quickly and easily determine which marketing strategies are working well to enhance your client base and effectively convert leads.

How it works

When you’re tracking phone calls through a website, you’ll integrate a designated code into the site and phone numbers. You’ll also be able to generate different phone numbers for different pages, different websites, and different advertisements. When someone makes a phone call using one of the numbers, this simplifies the data and enables you to determine exactly which advertisement is the most effective in generating leads.

call analytics

In addition to tracking where phone calls originate from, you can also set up analytics to track how long each phone call lasts. Because not each phone call will be successful or result in a website lead or customer purchase, you’ll be able to generate spreadsheets to track exactly how long each call lasts. You can determine yourself exactly how long a “successful” call will be. For example, any phone number can sometimes receive wrong-number calls or people who simply have a quick question. By deciding that a successful call is, for example, one minute long, you’ll be able to sort these calls and better improve your analytics.

Why it’s important

Being part of a growing and expanding business is an exciting experience. It’s important to grasp that growth as it occurs and to encourage it as much as possible. When you’re ready to expand your customer base, improve your relationship with current clients, and generate more leads and sales conversions, incorporating analytics into your marketing plan can drastically help you determine which tactics are working and which ones are falling short. As a business professional, it’s your job to understand exactly which marketing plans are effective for your particular company. What works to make customers interested in your services or products? When you discover which marketing tactics and sales plans are working, you’ll be able to further tailor your business marketing to continually improve and increase your conversions. Incorporating phone analytics into your business is one of the most important first steps you can take, so get started today. Call tracking is now available in MENA, so there’s no better time to get started.

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About Tewfic Kattan
Tewfic is managing partner and head of Paid Channels at Sandstorm. His 15+ years experience spans both traditional and digital marketing with specialism in PPC, Analytics and E-commerce Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) working with some of the region's largest brands including Aramex and DAMAC.
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