3 Tips To Make Your Ads Stand Out This Ramadan 

During Ramadan 2023,  people across MENA made 7.2 billion general searches during the holy month — a 21% jump compared to Ramadan 2022.

This year, Ramadan retail sales were projected to reach USD $66 billion, despite the impact of inflation. And they look set to grow even more next year, with 56% of people who celebrate Ramadan in Saudi, 64% in UAE, and 74% in Egypt saying they’d spend more during the holy month.

Here are three actionable strategies your brand can adopt to leverage the full potential of Ramadan 2024:

1. Offer People Value 

Today’s consumers seek a diverse range of products during Ramadan, from food and groceries to apparel and electronics. A remarkable 86% of regional consumers view Ramadan as the ideal time to find the best deals. The concept of “value” varies among individuals, encompassing sustainability concerns, price considerations, and product quality.

To entice Ramadan consumers looking for value, ensure your brand communicates any price-related information, such as discounts or sales, in your Ramadan ad campaigns. Harness the power of AI-powered Performance Max to maximize conversions across Google Ads inventory.

2. Entertain and Inspire Consumers 

Consumers in the region actively seek content that resonates with them during Ramadan. Whether it’s spiritual inspiration, cooking content, or gaming, preferences evolve throughout the different phases of Ramadan. Tailor your content to align with these evolving interests, using YouTube’s cost-per-hour masthead to generate wider awareness at strategic moments during Ramadan.

To deepen engagement, consider YouTube Select sponsorships, allowing you to choose specific content categories and collaborate with creators who align with your brand.

3. Facilitate Exploration and Research During the Holy Month

As people find inspiration online, they transition to actively researching and preparing for Ramadan. Approximately one in five individuals start their preparations three to four weeks before the holy month begins. Capitalize on this exploration phase by creating demand through immersive, relevant, and visually appealing ad creatives across Google platforms, including YouTube Shorts.

By aligning your brand with these moments of inspiration and exploration, you can capture the attention of Ramadan consumers and drive meaningful conversions.

About Maha Atef
Maha Atef is a Social Media Marketing Specialist working across Sandstorm's organic and paid social media clients in the MENA region.

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