3 Ways To Win On YouTube This World Cup

The FIFA world cup 2022 is less than a month away and we have some guidance and insights from Google on how to optimize campaigns during the most ‘digital’ world cup. 

According to Google, interest in the World Cup started as early as July 2022. Because curiosity around this year’s World Cup is high, being present on Search is important. Seventy-eight percent of viewers in MENA say YouTube offers sports content that can’t be found anywhere else, below are 3 trends from Google to help you meet your goals and win on Youtube.  

1. Appeal to the broader fan

Football-related searches have significantly increased on Youtube and more football content is being consumed.  There is more appetite for highlights, rather than watching a full game.  So short-form content is big amongst the viewerships for FIFA football.  

YouTube Shorts are watched by over 1.5 billion logged-in users every month and uploads of ‘’Sports’’ related content in under one minute have grown 160% year over year. A study released by PwC coined the term “crunch timer” for “fans who tune in for just the big moments, not everything”.

2. Connect with creators

Football Fans are increasingly seeking out voices that better represent them — and they’re finding them on YouTube. In a survey for the 2022 YouTube Culture & Trends Report, 78% of people said that they use the platform because it serves them with content that’s personally relevant to them.

For marketers wanting to make an impact in what is set to be an intensely competitive period, it’s rich territory, where viewers are highly engaged and ready to hear from brands that show up with relevant content — or collaborate with talent and allow them to keep their voice.

Place creators at the heart of your creativity to develop campaigns that feel native to the platform. Keep it authentic by allowing these influencers to do what they do best 

3. Maximise cross-device impact with the YouTube ABCDs

The modern football fan, just like many shoppers, is happy to jump from device to device to find information and meet their needs. But with many people, especially in younger demographics, getting their sporting fix online, it’s perhaps no surprise that campaigns combining TV and YouTube can help yield the best results for advertisers. For example, Google’s Reach Planner tool shows that even a 9:1 mix of TV and YouTube can yield an additional 33% of reach compared with just TV alone.7

It’s important to develop a campaign that can perform across all screens by following YouTube’s  ABCD framework

Following these three best practices, marketers can ensure to connect with valuable shoppers:

  1. Appeal to the broader fan by celebrating the culture around the tournament.
  2. Connect with creators to develop campaigns that feel native to the platform.
  3. Build for multiple devices and use YouTube’s ABCD framework to help engage viewers wherever they’re watching.

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