New Business Win: The Beach JBR Now Sandstorm Client

We are excited to announce the addition of the Beach JBR to our roster of great brands in the UAE.

The Beach is an urban destination that offers a breath of fresh air to city dwellers and gives visitors that ‘every day is a weekend’ feeling. Family champions and social butterflies are drawn to its beachside shopping, dining and outdoor lifestyle as well as its varied activities.

Its modern design and architectural definition against the backdrop of the Arabian Gulf and spanning almost 340,000 square feet attracts residents and tourists and makes the Beach one of Dubai’s most popular destinations.

This unique destination spans across 340,000 sq. ft, and provides a multitude of options for community engagement including a host of outdoor activities, retail stores, varied restaurants, seaside leisure and adventure with ‘Sea Breeze’ and the kids’ ‘Splash Pad’ and Roxy Cinemas designed to make a day at The Beach one to remember.

For more information about this new, contact pr at sandstorm digital dot com.

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