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5 Under-the-Radar Influencer Marketing Platforms We’ve Explored

If you are hoping to build a substantial social media following for your company (and skyrocket sales), paying attention to what is happening in the influencer marketing space is crucial. While companies like Naritiv and Famebit are well know within the social connections space, they are not the only players in the game. New platforms are being launched with increasing frequency; connecting with the right influencer marketing interface just might be the answer to viral growth for your business. If you’re ready to put the power of social media influencers to work for your brand, following are five under-the-radar platforms you should discover:


Fanbloom utilizes a proprietary algorithm to match companies with the appropriate influencers. Instead of connecting businesses and influencers based upon the size of an individual’s social media follower count, Fanbloom makes connections based upon the most relevant followers.


Currently accepting early access requests, TrulyCast will connect brands with Instagram influencers in the Middle East. For companies hoping to grow globally while building their brand authority on social media, TrulyCast is one of those up-and-coming startups well worth tracking.


Gatsby takes a different approach to influencer marketing. Instead of influencers being rewarded for promoting your business to their followers, Gatsby rewards customers for their interactions with your company based upon their social influence score. Anyone can request a promotional offering from your company; Gatsby analyzes their social influence and rewards them with the appropriate promotion based upon their social connections.

Canard Influencers

Canard Influencers works with social media influencers who have a smaller audience. Hoping that these influencers have a closer relationship with their followers, Canard believes the ROI for brands might actually be greater than working with an influencer with a huge yet not engaged following. If you’re afraid of your business getting lost in a sea opportunities for big-name influencers, Canard just might be what your company needs.


Vizified helps connect brands with Pinterest influencers. Grow your company by connecting with some of Pinterest’s most popular users. Vizified will work with your company to understand your growth objectives and develop a plan of action to increase the eyeballs on your Pinterest pins. While Vizified has a larger social media following than the other aforementioned platforms, they have managed to remain surprisingly under-the-radar with small business owners. If your company could benefit from an upgraded visual marketing push, Vizified is definitely worth investigating.

Paying attention to intriguing platforms in the influencer marketing space is a fabulous way to grow your business online. Connecting with consumers who are already active on social networking sites can have a profound compounding effect as they introduce your brand to their followers. Do you think you will be checking out any of the above-listed influencer platforms to help build your company?

Karen Selby
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Karen is Senior Copywriter at Sandstorm Digital FZE. Prior to this she worked for 10 years in Sydney and London for agencies including DDB, TBWA and DMB&B. Some of the amazing accounts Karen worked on included Northern Territory Travel, Sydney Morning Herald, Westpac Bank, Macdonalds, Thomas Cook (travel) Playstation, Bonds clothing, The Labour party, O2 (communications) Absolut Vodka – and countless others.
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