Google Announces 2 New Tools to Ads Data Hub

Abidahli Khan, Digital Marketing Executive, discusses 2 new tools Google added to ‘Ads Data Hub’ in this episode of the DiGi Files.  

To offer a more customized experience for the user, Google has introduced two data solutions: Ads Data Hub for Marketers and Ads Data Hub for Measurements Partners.

  1. The  Ads Data hub for Marketers tool offers a new way for advertisers and marketers to analyze their data. With this solution, they can seamlessly access insights to inform better the way they purchase media. 
  1. The Ads Data Hub for Measurement Partners gives partners a new access point to provide YouTube measurement services.  It’ll be easier for partners to offer accurate measurements and deliver near real-time insights. 

This privacy-centric split will help marketers generate more insights with less need for technical resources. Follow the link in the captions for more details. Follow for more digital marketing insights from our agency, Sandstorm digital. 

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