3 Pillars of a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign – The DiGi Files – Episode 5

With 2.7 Billion Facebook users, which also includes Instagram. This Social media platform can’t be ignored when planning your paid media campaign strategy. 

Daria Biriukova, Paid Media Manager with Sandstorm Digital discusses the three main components of a successful Ads campaign in episode 5 of the DiGi Files.

1. Campaign Goals

It’s important to use a relevant goal that will directly affect your end result.  Usually, a campaign goal is based on your online brand needs.  The three main goals are raising awareness, increase traffic, or need to increase conversion rates. Daria stresses to focus on one goal rather than multiple goals for a more successful campaign.

2.  Define your Audience 

Identifying your audiences’ persona is key to a more targeted approach. On Facebook, you are able to define your audience via location, age, gender, language, interest, as well as many other characteristics. 

An interesting feature of Facebook is that you can upload contacts you have from previous customers and target them, but more importantly, you can create a ‘look a like’ audience from this list. Basically, you will get a similar profile audience as the list you submitted. 

To sum up this point, this is an important factor of a campaign that yields results. Once you have identified an audience, you can edit and change the targeted audience, so testing various audience types will be crucial.

3. Test your Ad Types

This is how you communicate with users and the Ad type you choose will determine the ultimate success.  For example, for a remarketing campaign, you are targeting users who have maybe added items in the cart and forgotten about it, you will be showing them ads related to that potential purchase, make it more customizable, which will most likely bring in a higher conversion rate. 

With so many different ad types such as video, carousel, single images, collection. We often aren’t 100 percent sure what user will interact best with, that is why it’s important to test different ad types.   The final note would be to test, test, test, and do more of what your performing best at.  

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