3 Fun Facts on Google “Hum to Search”

On October 15th 2020, Google Introduced ‘Hum to Search’ you can learn more details on Google’s blog here.

We know a thing or two about digital marketing but have little vocal talents, so you can imagine the laughs we had testing the latest google feature, luckily Google doesn’t discriminate on unmusical users;)  Here are 3 fun facts:

  1. You can hum, whistle or sing parts of the song and Google will give you recommended results based on artificial intelligence learning.  Watch our tutorial.
  1. According to Google, the feature works by using its machine learning models to transform the audio into a number-based sequence representing the song’s melody, which will then compare to various songs. Google trains these models on a variety of sources, including people singing, whistling or humming, as well as studio recordings,the model focuses just on that numeric sequence, taking away vocals. 
  1. Whether you are tone-deaf or pitch perfect, It works!!! And it will get even more intelligent with time. Sandstorm tried it out , and guess what? They were able to recognize our out of tune humming:)) Check out an example below. 

Have you experimented with Hum to Search? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…

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