Labour Day Weekend Blog Series_ How to Shift Your Content marketing Strategy for Labour Day & Beyond (1)

Labor Day Weekend Blog Series: How to Shift Your Content marketing Strategy for Labor Day & Beyond

Grow your online business by standing out with content that speaks to your audience. A user-centric approach is key to a successful  campaign.  Here are a  few things to think about while creating content. 

Monitor Trends 

It is a unique global crisis that includes pandemic and a recession that is why you have to revisit your users persona and behaviours.  Families have changed their money spending habits  in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the time to look out of the box , innovate and adapt at a rapid pace to stay relevant to your users. 

Be sensitive 

Acknowledge that it is a difficult time as a result of the pandemic and speak to your users pains and struggles. This is the time where people are seeing how you react and will remember the actions you’ve taken whether good or bad.  Highlight your brand’s values and culture, it will pay off.  

Collaborate / Give back 

This is the perfect time to give back to your community.  We rise by lifting others up. Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives will go a long way in this day and age.  This doesn’t have to be monetary , volunteering your time is another initiative you can look into. 

Team up with another business that shares your values, collaboration is a win-win for everyone and will help both businesses thrive. 


The central themes of Labour day include worker appreciation, mega sale deals,

end of summer, beginning of Fall and Back to School, which are still relevant in 2020 but in a different way, for instance most kids are attending ‘virtual schools’. So although themes are relevant they are not a cut & paste from previous years. 

In order to connect and engage  with your audience, you need to be relevant, valuable and consistent. Your content marketing needs to consider the above points to become more meaningful and optimize your organic following.

Tala Kattan
About Tala Kattan
Tala is Managing Director of our North American operations. She also oversees the ePR and branded content marketing partnerships for our global clients.
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