Should Your Business Buy Google Ads to Run on Weekends_

Should Your Business Buy Google Ads to Run on Weekends?

If your business invests in Google Ads, and you’ve been looking for ways to bring greater cost-efficiency to your investment, you’ve probably wondered about advertising on weekends. Should you spend on weekend advertising? You need to be aware of a few qualifiers.

Weekends can be profitable

Businesses need to run Google Ads over weekends because people do find themselves in need of different kinds of services at these times. Certainly, fewer people do tend to search for services to buy over weekends; you’ll see that your ads generate fewer clicks on these days. Nevertheless, the searches and clicks do happen. If you consider the legal services industry, for example, people may think about reaching out to a divorce attorney, people who are arrested may search for criminal defense lawyers, and people who are involved in accidents may search for personal injury lawyers as they make their way to the hospital.

It’s important to remember, however, that while search and click volumes tend to be lower on weekends, cost-per-click rates tend to drop as well because many businesses pull back on their PPC advertising, and the competition for keywords tends to be lower. The lower cost-per-click levels of the weekends can mean that your outlay for every new client netted ends up being lower, making your efforts more cost-effective.

Taking advantage of those clicks

A decision about a weekend advertising policy can involve other considerations as well. If your business closes on weekends, you won’t be able to follow up on the leads that your ads generate. You’ll have people entering their contact information in your web forms, but you won’t be able to get around to contacting them until Monday. Depending on your business, the delay may or may not be a problem. For instance, if you’re a personal injury lawyer, you may find that clients clicking on your ads on a Saturday aren’t in a position to wait till Monday to have you call them back. If you run a landscaping service, however, potential clients are likely to be able to wait, and those weekend clicks are likely to be meaningful.

Trying out weekend advertising

If your company has a way to respond to people clicking on your ads over the weekends, it would make sense to run those ads. While search volumes tend to be low on these days, you’ll still earn a few leads. At the very least, you could run ads over a couple of weekends to see how they perform. You could try those ads to see if any leads convert when you open on Monday. If you find that your weekend leads are cold by Monday and they don’t convert, it would make sense to turn off those ads.

Running Google Ads over weekends can be an effective way to expand your lead count and earn new clients, but only if it works for your specific industry. A little trial and error can tell you how ads operate for your business.

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