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11 Ways to Up Your Holiday Season Content Marketing Game

According to data from Statista Research,  in 2019, U.S. holiday season e-commerce spending is projected to surpass 135 billion U.S. dollars. This is fabulous news for businesses hoping to finish off 2019 with a bang. 

Business owners hoping to maximize their growth opportunities during the Christmas holiday season can improve their odds of increased sales rates by doubling down on seasonal content marketing. Brands choosing to create a Christmas content marketing calendar and increase their content output rate during the holidays can significantlyboost their customer acquisition and sales rates. But where do you start when you want to optimize your Christmas marketing efforts? Try the following 11 Christmas content marketing tactics and you’ll be surprised at how effective seasonal content can be for increasing your year-end profits.

1) Christmas videos are awesome for engagement. Consider creating a Christmas video marketing calendar and create custom videos each week. Something as simple as staff members wearing Christmas hats and acting silly on camera while promoting your products will do. Be creative and remember to create video content your target customers will wantto watch and share with their social network. 

2) Anagram blog posts are another terrific way to up your Christmas content marketing game. Take a seasonal word like ‘jolly’ and create a paragraph for each letter. For example, ‘J’ is for jubilant and that is how customers make you feel when they enter your business’ premises.

3) Christmas infographics are a must-use tool for brands wanting to up their digital marketing efforts during the holiday season. Be sure to create Christmas infographics far in advance of the holiday season or you might be too busy. Use free tools like Canva.com to create custom infographics using seasonal templates.

4) Try Christmas gift guides explaining your company’s most popular products/services. Be sure to keep buyer personas in mind when creating custom Christmas content marketing posts for maximum ROI (return on investment).

5) Try year-in-review posts outlining how your company has grown. Not only do these type of blog posts help spotlight your successes, but they also give you an opportunity to let your target audience know about your growth plans for the next year.

6) Appreciation blog posts are an excellent idea for brands looking for Christmas content marketing ideas. Outline what you’re thankful for and how your customers have helped your business achieve success. Be sure to not only focus on your business growth, but also how your customers have helped you learn how to be more grateful on a personal level too.

7) If your business is hosting a seasonal event, create a Christmas content marketing post detailing the specifics of your upcoming celebration. Include time and place information, but also give an insider’s view on whyyou chose to host your Christmas event. 

8) For business owners who offer gift certificates, create a seasonal blog post offering information about your gift certificates/gift cards. Spotlight how they can be used or how customers have used them in the past. You might be surprised at how many of your current customers aren’t even aware you offer gift certificates.

9) Don’t forget to make SlideShare presentations at Christmas. Not only is SlideShare awesome for increasing your time-on-site ratio, but your presentations will also help attract search engine traffic throughout the year. Post your presentations to SlideShare and then embed your creations in a blog post on your own website.

10) Funny Christmas newsletters are an excellent way to up your holiday content marketing game. While standard newsletters can be boring and make your email subscribers hit the ‘send to trash’ tab, funny newsletters will help keep your company top-of-mind with customers. Include funny stories, Christmas jokes, or even a custom Christmas cartoon.

11) Speaking of cartoons, consider incorporating Christmas cartoon strips into your holiday marketing calendar. Hire a graphic artist or illustrator to craft custom cartoons for your business and integrate your cartoons into your blog posts. Cartoons are a terrific way to increase your social media share rate too.

These are just 11 of many ways brands can up their Christmas content marketing efforts to increase the effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts. Consistent content creation is essential for long-term brand building ROI, regardless of how busy you are or how many tasks you have on your to-do list. Whether you hire an on-demand ghostwriter or create your content in-house, focus on creating content with your target customers in mind and your efforts will be rewarded.

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