5 Steps to Boost you UAE National Day Post (1)

5 Steps to Boost your UAE National Day Post

UAE National Day [Also dubbed Spirit of the Union] is only a week away. It’s regarded as one of the most important UAE holidays when the 7 Emirates united with grand celebrations happening across the country.  

5 important factors to consider when sending out your well wishes to your Emirati followers: 

1 – Content


Your visual content should have a nationalistic theme. Include either UAE flag colors, or a UAE landmark. This is moreso crucial when posting on Instagram, pleasing, high quality images generate more interest.   Scroll through UAE national day related hashtags to get inspired. 

There is also a website dedicated to UAE National Day.  You will be able to find the official logo guidelines for his years celebration as well as download the 48th Official logo.  In the example below you will see how Sandstorm Digital ® Worldwide used it in the past, simply by  adding our logo on the upper left corner. 

                Sandstorm Digital’s Facebook post from 2017


We can’t stress the importance of posting something of meaning on this day since it marks the union of the 7 Emirates. The tone of the message should be celebrotory, showing appreciation and patriotic love to the country, culture & heritage.  the Government’s theme for this day is ‘Spirit of the Union’ highlighting the bond that connects the Emirates.  

2 – Language

The Emirates is diverse with a large expat community which means there are so many languages spoken. The official language is Arabic but English is widely used.  Due to the special significance of the day and with the goal of paying tribute to both the Country and its People it would be advisable to have a message in both languages.

The Instagram account of Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum ( @Faz3– ‘Fazza’- One who helps) is a great example of when and how to utilize Arabic/English. 

@faz3 Instagram post on the 47th State of the Union National Day Celebration. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bq4MG0xn2kG/

3 – Tagging Companies/People & Geographical locations.

Tagging and Geotagging will increase your reach on all platforms, it’s often overlooked but a simple way to appear in searches. 


The UAE is known to be progressive and innovative in the digital world therefore you are bound to find most government entities and UAE Leaders with social media accounts.  The UAE Government has a great resources on the 7 Emirates where you are able to get an overview and decide if you want to tag any members of the ruling family.   It is also possible to tag Emirati-owned companies or government entities that you have a relationship with.  


Spectacular shows will be happening across the 7 Emirates, social media will be bursting with coverage on firework displays and other events throughout the holiday period, geotagging will ensure that you are discovered, particularly crucial during this time when your prospect followers will be searching event venues and the likes.

Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Fountain, The Beach-JBR, AlSeef, The pointe, The Global Village are only a handful of  venues that will hold events for the UAE National Day Celebrations. 

4 – Engagement 

You need to engage in order to build a meaningful community for your brand. FULL STOP!  NO EXCUSE! Engage with your followers, with the Rulers of the UAE and Government Entities via social media by liking their posts, resharing and commenting. Dedicate 30 minutes each day of the long weekend solely for this. Social media is all about building relationships,  you need to invest time mingling with your online ‘family’. 

5 – Hashtags

Make Your hashtags relevant and stick to the guidelines for each platform, more does not necessarily mean better, the algorithms might find it spammy in some instances. Generally, you should stick to this guide [for now] of Hashtag limits [ Facebook: 3-4, Instagram: 30, Twitter: 2 , LinkedIn: 5].  In this instance arabic equivalent Hashtags will boost your visibility even more. 

National Day  Hashtags:

#UAENationalday #SpiritofTheUnion48 #LegacyofOurAncestors #UAECelebrates #UAENationalDay #YearOfTolerance  #NationalDay #MyUAEMemories

Relevant UAE Hashtags

#UAE  #DXB #DXBlife #mydxb, #dxbtraveller #Dubai #MyDubai #DubaiLifestyle #DubaiStyle #DubaiEvents #BurjKhalifa #BurgAlArab  #InstaDubai #VisitDubai #InstaUAE #DubaiDiaries #DubaiLuxury #DubaiLove #DXBcool #GoodLifeDubai #CreativeDXB #DubaiSocial #Emirates #DubaiNights #cityscape #expo2020 #ThisIsTheUAE 

Our UAE team will be Celebrating the UAE National Day, we hope you will too.  Enjoy the Firework display;-) & Please tag us or send us a message with a link to your post if you found this blog helpful.  

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